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Anita Barney – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Anita Barney Net Worth

Anita is best known for her book Quarterback Sneak, Revealing Art Schlichter’s Unauthorised Game Plan. The book extensively describes her interactions with former football quarterback Art Schlichter.

There are select people in the writing world with the unique capacity to fascinate readers with their words, and Anita is unquestionably one of them. Anita is most known for her riveting book, “Quarterback Sneak: Revealing Art Schlichter’s UnauthorizedUnauthorized Game Plan,” and her ability to shine a light on forgotten sports stories.

This article will examine her age, biography, net worth, family, personal life, marriage, education, career, source of income, Anita’s social media profiles, physical attributes, commonly asked questions and astounding achievements.


Anita is said to be 79 years old. Her birth date, however, is unknown. Art Schlichter mentions Anita Barney on his Wiki page.

However, Her Facebook bio states that she is from Dublin, Ohio. She currently resides in Columbus, 17.2 miles away. Our article will provide you with a piece of complete knowledge about Anita.

Quick Info

Name Anita Barney
Net Worth 1 million dollars
Age 79 years old
Marital Status Married
Spouse Wendy’s CEO
Nationality American
Born 1944


Anita reportedly received media attention after appearing on a Dr Phil broadcast. She repeatedly questioned after taking the former footballer’s money as a loan. Well, at this point, not much is known about her. However, we can confirm that she has established a name as a writer.

 We are unaware of her other employment besides being a published author. She has only published one book in her entire life. 

What Happened to Art Schlichter Victim Anita Barney?

One of Art Schlichter’s victims is Anita Barney. Nonetheless, many believe she is responsible.

She allegedly lost millions of dollars to Art, according to Huff Post. She has also acknowledged losing her house and car.

Art initially requested $10,000 from her to purchase a car and see his separated children. He was able to scam her of at least $3 million in less than a year. Art instructed Anita to contact her wealthy friends when her fund ran out. He reportedly spent the majority of her cash on game tickets.

Personal Life

Bob Barney, Anita Barney’s husband, formerly served as Wendy’s CEO. In a plane disaster, he died at the age of 70.

The couple had a son they called Alan Vasko, who reportedly suffered various injuries in the incident.

Anita Barney’s Net Worth

After she became a widow, Anita Barney’s net worth was rather substantial. After her partner’s death, she inherited all of his assets. Anita has estimated 1 million dollars of net worth.

She led a wealthy life before her reunion with Art Schlichter. She tragically lost her friends and family and her financial stability. It is apparent that her book, “Quarterback Sneak: Revealing Art Schlichter’s Unauthorised Game Plan,” has received widespread notice and appreciation.

Anita’s financial situation is improving as a result of the success of her work and her rising popularity. She has obtained lucrative book sales, speaking engagements, and other changes contributing to her overall net worth as an experienced author.

Social Media Accounts

Anita actively participates in the digital world, using social media channels to interact with her readers and post work updates. Her preferred social media medium is Twitter, where she may be reached under the handle @AnitaAuthor. With a large fan base, she shares insights into her creative process, behind-the-scenes glances, and information on forthcoming projects.

Anita also has a Facebook author page where she interacts with a larger audience and posts articles and interviews connected to her book. Her social media presence allows her to engage with her readers and build a community around her literary endeavours.

Physical Characteristics

Anita has a captivating charisma that matches her writing abilities. She easily attracts attention wherever she goes, thanks to her beautiful blue eyes that glitter with intelligence and a bright smile that oozes kindness. Her rich brown hair wraps smoothly over her face, framing it and adding to her inherent beauty.

Anita’s poised demeanour and fluent style of talking mirror the grace and confidence she exudes, making her a compelling presence both on and off the pages of her books.


1. Anita’s book is classified as investigative journalism, with aspects of sports, true crime, and biography.

2. “Quarterback Sneak” provides light on Art Schlichter’s difficult life as a former NFL quarterback whose career was ruined by addiction and legal issues.

3. To present an authentic and comprehensive portrayal of Schlichter’s narrative, Anita studied his biography extensively, conducted interviews, and analysed court papers.

4. The book gained a worldwide appreciation for its captivating story, rigorous research, and sympathetic representation of Schlichter’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What inspired Anita to write “Quarterback Sneak: Revealing Art Schlichter’s UnauthorizedUnauthorized Game Plan”?

Anita’s fascination with the intersection of sports and personal narratives drove her to uncover the untold story of Art Schlichter, a former professional football player. We were intrigued by the complexities and challenges.

2. Has Anita authored other books besides “Quarterback Sneak”?

While “Quarterback Sneak” remains Anita’s most prominent work, she has expressed her desire to explore different genres and themes in her future literary endeavours. Fans can look forward to experiencing her versatility as she shares captivating stories.

3. How can readers connect with Anita?

Readers can connect with Anita through her social media accounts, primarily on Twitter (@AnitaAuthor) and Facebook. They can also stay updated on her latest projects by visiting her official website and subscribing to her newsletter.


Anita’s writing skill is displayed in her ground-breaking book, “Quarterback Sneak: Revealing Art Schlichter’s Unauthorised Game Plan.” She has brought light to the unseen story of a professional football player through her engaging narrative and rigorous investigation. Her engaging social media presence allows readers to interact with her and obtain insight into her creative process.

While her net worth is not confirmed, her literary accomplishments and rising popularity promise a beneficial future. Anita’s love of discovering interesting stories and her unique talent for bringing them to life makes her a vital force in the literary world, guaranteeing that fans anxiously await her future works.