Faze Zoomaa Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Faze Zoomaa Net Worth

Check out this article to learn about famous online gaming player Thomas Zoomaa. Expert Call of Duty online player Thomas Zoomaa represented the Faze Clan as the SMG Player. 

Do you want to know Faze Zoomaa net worth, age, and other details? Have a look at this article. We will discuss his date of birth, biography, career, gaming career, family, personal life, education, professional career, height, weight, Wikipedia, Instagram, source of income, and more.

As of 2023, Faze Zoomaa net worth is estimated to be roughly $5 million.

Full Name:Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto
Date of birth:August 9, 1995
 Birth Sign: Leo
Net Worth:$5 million
Age 27 years old
Occupation:Content Creator
Last Updated:2023


Thomas Zoomaa was born on August 9, 1995. He is 27 years old as of 2022. Thomas Paparatto is Paparatto’s real name. On January 20, 2021, Thomas Zoomaa declared his exit from the gaming industry.

 He announced his retirement due to the onset of a chronic physical condition. He had previously suffered a thumb injury and even needed to have surgery. 

However, he is more well-known for his gaming character ZooMaa. Despite being a resident of the US, he is of Italian-American descent. When talking about his style of living, he acknowledges the joyful way of life.

Personal Life

He is close to both of his parents even though they are separated. His dad calls him every day from Italy and shows up at his EU events, and both of his parents support his work decision. But initially, it wasn’t easy to convince his mother. His brother and cousins are also reasonably close to him. He owns a dog.

 Thomas is a resident of North America, Cranford, New Jersey. Based on his Instagram post, he is undoubtedly dating his sweetheart Melissa.

Early Life

He decided to give up skateboarding when he was younger so he wouldn’t hurt himself while playing soccer. In addition to refining his artistic abilities, he also invested a lot of time playing video games with his buddies. He started playing in and winning online CoD Search and Destroy (S&D) tournaments in his teens, which inspired him to participate in LAN tournaments as soon as he had the chance. In his first year, he started competing in professional Call of Duty (CoD) contests.

His soccer ability earned him a college scholarship, but soon after starting college, he had a catastrophic injury that required him to take a break while he recovered. That is why he shifted his attention to CoD. 

During his first year of college, he worked in several departments of his neighborhood, Shop Straight, until moving into the workforce full-time.

Professional Gaming Career

He learned about a nearby CoD LAN event one day while taking a break from playing soccer. When ZooMaa and a few buddies decided to participate, his team finished 12th in the initial round.

Replays, together with stuDyy and SaintsRF, hired him for Denial sports in 2013 as a result of this. The following year, they went on to take home the main prize at the UMG Dallas competition. FaZe Clan gave him the command to join them immediately. Therefore he quit college at the start of 2015. 

He has previously played New York Subliners. Zoomaa has amassed a considerable following base on Twitter for his gaming skills, with 356.6 thousand followers. He intends to go back to school after he stops playing professional video games.

Faze Zoomaa Net Worth

Faze Zoomaa Net Worth is $5 million, as per allfamousbirthday.

Regarding Thomas Zoomaa Paparatto’s entire net worth, he might be a successful online gaming player. However, he still needs to disclose the precise amount of his overall assets.

According to Gaming Earnings, Faze Zoomaa won around $387,019.60 in prize money in 87 competitions before he retired from the team.

Faze Zoomaa earned a total income of around $63,500 in 2020, excluding his bonus.