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Jack Etienne – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Jack Etienne Net Worth

Jack Etienne, a former manager of Team SoloMid, founder, manages and runs the Cloud9 esports company. In addition, Jack is the owner of Spitfire, the original Overwatch team in London. In this article, you will know a few things regarding Cloud9’s CEO, Jack Etienne.

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Overall, Jack Etienne is between the ages of 55 and 65. He hasn’t revealed any details about his actual birthday. Nevertheless, Jack always celebrates the 26th of December as his birthday. Regarding Jack Etienne’s education, he graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Before starting his businesses, Jack Etienne was a senior supervisor and VP of transactions at Solomid Corporation.

It needs to be clarified when discussing Jack Etienne’s height and weight; there aren’t many details available online about his body measurements. However, looking through his images reveals his well-kept physique.

Professional Life

He had previously worked for Xerox as a Major Accounts Account Executive. He later obtained the roles of general manager and vice president of sales at Solomid Corporation.

Etienne is now one of the men supporting Cloud9’s current success. In online games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and others, this organization fields teams. Their Etienne-coached League of Legends team won the League Championship Series in their initial year.

 Jack and Pauline Etienne, co-founders of Cloud9, allegedly turned down the team’s network so they could get a full night’s rest in preparation for the competition the following day since they were so intent on winning.

About Cloud9’s

In 2012, Cloud9 was officially introduced. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. Jack Etienne paid $10,000 to purchase it in December 2013. Since that time, Cloud9 has had successful growth and has seen an increase in sales.

Due to its success in many games, Cloud9 is the most valuable professional esports organization, valued at $310 million in 2019. In October 2018, Cloud9 secured $50 million in Series B fundraising. A portion of the money would go toward building a training facility and headquarters for its operations in Los Angeles that would be between 20,000 and 30,000 square feet, with the anticipated the opening year of 2019.

Jack is undoubtedly skilled at managing a business centered on League of Legends and other video games. He collaborates with Danan Flander and Aisultan Sugurbayev, other current Cloud9 managers.

Jack’s ability to grow Cloud9 into a $1 billion enterprise is closely scrutinized.

Personal Life

Pauline Etienne, Jack’s better half, is his wife. The couple just recently tied the knot.

Regarding his family, Jack Etienne has yet to give much information. Additionally, there is little information available about his relatives.

Social Media Accounts

Jack Etienne can be found on Twitter under the handle @JackEtienne. He had 130.7k followers on Twitter and 15.1k postings as of January 2023.  He is very active on Twitter.

Jack Etienne Net Worth 

Jack Etienne’s entrepreneurial endeavors in the esports industry have earned him immense recognition and considerable financial success. Wealthy Genius sets Jack Etienne’s total assets at around $50 million. He has worked out how to accumulate an especially vast amount of wealth throughout his career as a money manager. He hasn’t disclosed his real earnings or salary. 

This impressive figure reflects his entrepreneurial acumen and the phenomenal growth of Cloud9 under his leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack Etienne

  1. How did Jack Etienne start his career in esports? 

Jack Etienne began his esports journey as the manager of Team SoloMid, where he gained valuable experience in team management and organization. His passion for esports and ambition to create something extraordinary led him to establish Cloud9 in 2013.

     2. What is Cloud9’s significance in the esports industry?

 Cloud9 has become a trailblazer in esports, fielding competitive teams across popular titles like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and VALORANT. The organization’s commitment to fostering talent, exceptional performance, and strong fan engagement has solidified its position as a leading force in esports.

     3. How has Jack Etienne grown Cloud9’s brand globally? 

Jack Etienne’s strategic vision and global mindset have been instrumental in expanding Cloud9’s reach beyond North America. Through partnerships with international players and organizations, Cloud9 has built a diverse and passionate fan base across the globe.

     4. What is Jack Etienne’s role in Cloud9?

 The founder and manager of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, oversees the organization’s overall operations and strategic direction. He is pivotal in managing the company’s esports teams, partnerships, sponsorships, and business development.

Physical Characteristics

While specific physical characteristics of Jack Etienne may not be widely available, his influence and impact extend far beyond his appearance. His intellect, business acumen, and leadership skills have shaped Cloud9 into a dominant force in the esports landscape.

Intriguing Facts about Jack Etienne

  1. Jack Etienne founded Cloud9 in 2013, primarily focusing on League of Legends. Since then, Cloud9 has expanded to include rosters in various other esports titles.
  2. Cloud9’s League of Legends team clinched the NA LCS Championship in both the 2013 Summer Split and the 2014 Spring Split.
  3. Under Jack Etienne’s guidance, Cloud9 expanded its esports endeavors to include competitive teams in VALORANT, Fortnite, and many other popular titles.
  4. Cloud9 has secured significant sponsorships from major brands like BMW, Puma, and Red Bull, showcasing its ability to attract top-tier partnerships.
  5. Jack Etienne is known for his visionary leadership, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the esports realm.
  6. His ability to spot and nurture talent has contributed to the success of Cloud9 and has earned him immense respect within the industry.
  7. Beyond his business ventures, Jack Etienne is committed to giving back to the gaming community.
  8. He actively supports charitable initiatives and encourages his teams and fans to participate in community events and philanthropic endeavors.


Jack Etienne’s journey from managing Team SoloMid to founding and managing Cloud9 has been remarkable. His exceptional leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for esports have transformed Cloud9 into a global powerhouse. With his visionary approach and commitment to excellence, Jack Etienne continues to shape the future of esports, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. As Cloud9 continues to thrive under his guidance, Jack Etienne remains a true icon and an inspiration for aspiring esports enthusiasts worldwide.