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Jodi Spolansky Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Jodi Spolansky Net Worth

Jodi Spolansky is a well-known reality television actress and professional instructor. She was also featured in the 2004 television shows Wife Swap and The Fabulous Fashion of Sex and the City.

To learn more about Jodi Spolansky, read the following article. The article will include her age, biography, career, education, work, personal life, children, family, nationality, net worth, and more.


Jodi Spolansky is in her mid-forties. She got famous when she worked in the shows Wife Swap and The Fabulous Fashion of Sex and the City. She received a lot of criticism after the show’s premiere. Previously, they were based in New York’s Upper East Side while filming the episode.

Spolansky is a housewife as well as a shopaholic. She enjoys shopping, going to the community center, and dealing with herself as much as possible.

Jodi had a lavish lifestyle, filled with four babysitters, a cooking expert, an escort, a housekeeper, and a lavish home. Instead of dealing with her family, she spent her time and money on herself.

Name Jodi Spolansky
Age Mid-forties (exact age not specified in the given text)
Notable Shows – Wife Swap
– The Fabulous Fashion of Sex and the City
Notable Events Received criticism after the show’s premiere
Previous Location New York’s Upper East Side (while filming the episode)
Occupation Housewife and shopaholic
Interests – Shopping
– Going to the community center
Lifestyle Lavish lifestyle with:
– Four babysitters
– Cooking expert
– Escort
– Housekeeper
– Lavish home

Jodi Spolansky Net Worth

Jodi Spolansky has a vast amount of money in the millions of dollars. Jodi has a net worth of $10 million. She and her husband had a large house with multiple workers in 2004. As previously stated, they paid for a housekeeper, cook, driver, and four nannies.

Steven and Jodi faced harsh criticism for exposing their lavish lifestyle in the media. The way Steven treated Lynn also upset the public.

About her Shows

In the first season, there was a lot of focus on the Spolansky and Bradley families. The show follows two families as their partners are moved for fourteen days.

Wife Swap is a fantastic show that helps people appreciate the importance of a wife and their purification rituals. In Jodi’s case, however, the opposite happened. Unlike what is commonly believed, the Bradley family did not like Jodi. On an unscripted TV drama, they didn’t like her and labeled her sluggish. Nevertheless, the Bradley children gave her breakfast a minus 0.5.

But, they quickly realized that exchanging accomplices is a difficult task. Lynn (exchange spouse) was unfamiliar with their modern lifestyle, which irritated Steven.

Personal Life

Steven Spolansky is the husband of Television personality Jodi Spolansky.

The duo married in the 1990s and appeared on the show together. The couples first believed they only needed to shoot and not do anything else.

Jodi Spolansky has five relatives. Apart from a wealthy companion, she has three lovely children: two young boys and one beautiful girl. They were all under the age of ten at the time.

In this way, they may have grown into adults at this time. Jodi doesn’t feature on any multimedia platforms.