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Joey Merlino – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Joey Merlino Net Worth

This article will look at Joey Merlino’s Net Worth in 2023. He is an Italian-American gangster and the alleged boss of the Philadelphia crime family.
Apart from his net worth, we will also discuss his, Biography, Age, Height, Dating, Relationship Records, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyle and other information. Let’s see how wealthy Joey Merlino is from 2019-2023.


Joey Merlino was born on March 16, 1962, in Pennsylvania. Leader of the Philadelphia crime family who was charged on allegations of conspiracy to acquire and sell cocaine, extortion, and illegal gambling. He was a mafia boss, exactly like Henry Hill. He had previously been charged with aggravated assault and possessing a weapon for stabbing and beating two men in 1982.
According to a famous bio, he is a successful criminal. Joey was among the notable individuals born on March 16, 1962. He is a wealthy criminal who was born in Pennsylvania. He is included on the list of the Most Popular Criminals. Joey Merlino, who is 57 years old, is one of the notable people in the world of gangsters.

Full Name Joseph Salvatore Merlino
Known as Joey Merlino
Occupation Criminal
Birthday March 16
Birth Year 1962
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign Pisces
Parents Salvatore Merlino, Rita Merlino
Siblings Maria Merlino, Natalie Merlino
Spouse Deborah Merlino
Children Nicollette Merlino, Sophia Merlino

Joey Merlino’s Net Worth

According to Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDb, and other online sources, renowned Criminal Joey Merlino’s net worth at 57 is $59 million. He made all his money as a professional criminal. He was born in Pennsylvania. However, most of his fortune is obtained by illicit means, such as racketeering, extortion, bookmaking, gambling, and other unlawful activities.

Joey Merlino Crime Career

Joey and Salvatore Scafid, both 20, battered and stabbed two male guests at Atlantic City’s Lido Restaurant. He was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault in 1984. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission barred him from New Jersey casinos 1984. Most people described Joey as a ruthless individual. Furthermore, Joey asked a TV team to cover his annual Christmas dinner for people experiencing homelessness. During that time, he was known to beat up people, rob them, and incite fights in bars.
A reporter once asked Joey about a rumored $500,000 reward on his life during an interview, to which Joey answered, “Give me the half-million dollars, and I’ll shoot myself.” He was charged with interstate theft and conspiracy in 1989, and he was convicted of organizing the crime and sentenced to three years in jail in 1990.

Mob Wars

He met a longtime gangster Ralph Natale while doing his term at the Federal Correctional Institution in McKean. While in jail, he and Ralph devise a strategy to take over the Philadelphia criminal family with the assistance of Joey’s close allies. Joey was let out of prison in 1992. In 1991, John Stanfa took over as the new head of the Philadelphia family. However, Joey and Ralph’s youthful gang revolted against John.

To prevent this, John formally enrolled Merlino into the criminal family to keep an eye on the Merlino group and make it simpler to execute them if required. Even though it momentarily pauses the violence. However, in 1993, Joey was the target of an assassination attempt by John shooters. Joey is shot four times in the leg and buttocks.
Later, Joey exacts his vengeance, and a drive-by shooting is carried out on John, but he survives. After some time, John’s assassins murder Merlino’s pal. Joey was captured and sent to prison by the FBI in 1993.

Mob Leader

Joey became imprisoned for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act in 1994. In 1996, he again got a life sentence. By this point, most of John’s followers became apprehended and condemned. Joey got freed from prison in 1994 as well.

Following his parole, he won a gang battle and ascended to the post of new boss while placing himself as his underboss. Joey was the authority in the family, but he let Ralph take over as boss to divert law enforcement attention away from himself.

Joey has a history of placing large bets with bookmakers and refusing to pay when he loses. Furthermore, he was responsible for the criminal family’s gambling, loan sharking, extortion, and stolen goods rackets. Over a dozen attempts to assassinate Joey were undertaken in the late 1990s. He was collaborating with members of the Junior Black Mafia at the time. Joey formally took over the mafia family from Ralph in 1999.

Racketeering conviction

Joey ended up in custody without bail in June 1999 on suspicion of conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. The allegations subsequently then amended to include racketeering and ordering three killings and two attempted murders. In addition to Joey, six other guys had to go on trial.

Many gangsters and mobsters were summoned to the police station and the court. The cops gather enough evidence to establish Joey committed different crimes in the 1990s.
The court issued a mixed ruling in 2001. Joey was convicted guilty of racketeering offenses, including extortion, bookmaking, and receiving stolen goods, despite being acquitted of all three counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. He received a 14-year jail term. He was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Relocated to Florida

Joey was freed from jail in 2011 following a 12-year sentence. He relocated to Boca Raton, Florida, upon his release. Furthermore, in a 2013 interview, he denied any ongoing connection with the Philadelphia Mafia and stated that his career as a criminal was done. Merlino’s, a restaurant in Boca Raton, debuted in 2014. However, the restaurant got shuttered in 2016 when he was arrested all around the east coast as part of a RICO prosecution.

Racketeering, fraud, and unlawful gambling were also all accused against him. Joey turned down any plea deal and went to trial in January 2018. Later, in April 2018, he agreed to a plea bargain with federal prosecutors. Joey pleaded guilty to unlawful gambling transactions in exchange for a jail term ranging from 10 to 16 months. He received sentenced to two years in jail in October 2018. In addition, in October 2019, he again received early release and transferred to a halfway home.

Personal Life

Deborah Merlino, Joey’s wife, is the name of his wife. They tied the knot in 1997. They also have two children, Nicollete Merlino and Sophia Merlino.

Facts About Joey Merlino

Joey Merlino is 57 years old.
Born on March 16, 1962.
Pisces is his birth sign.
In 1999, he received a sentence of 14 years in jail and was then sent to a halfway home in 2011.