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Young businessman Josh White is the creator of Cano Can. Read this article to discover more about Josh White. 

Furthermore, The following article will define his age, biography, career, professional life, wife, children, family, past relationships, height, weight, net worth, nationality, and more.


On Josh and his business, Cano Water, Forbes has published articles. He was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Josh White, a business entrepreneur. The calculation indicates that 1992 is the year of his appearance to the world. He has yet to reveal his actual birthday or sun sign except for that.

He does, however, reside in England, London.

Josh attended City and Guilds College of Art, as seen on his LinkedIn profile. From then on, he created his own business, High-Frequency Events, which he managed until 2015.


A second benefactor and Cano Water’s marketing director is Josh White. Additionally, he was included as one of the essential coworker contributors in Forbes’ list of the 30 Under 30 for 2021. Josh White, a co-benefactor of Cano Water, has not disclosed any specifics about his actual net worth.

In every case, he receives a generous donation. His company transfers to the vast majority of positions and has a pleasant turnover rate. They have added China and the Czech Republic to their list of markets.

White and his companions took a trip to a Thai island. During their stay, they noticed trash and disposable water bottles everywhere. They so went along with a sensible arrangement. When they were all under 25, the three came together to form a company called Cano Water.

Their organisation sells tall jars filled with spring water from Austria. The fantastic feature is that they provide resealable jar tops, which improves maintainability. 

Personal Life

Josh White’s personal life is still a mystery. It is unclear if he is divorced or has a spouse. There are no details regarding his romantic relationships or significant other. He will soon remove any shades from his personal life.

September Beck is Josh’s love interest and has been dating for some time. She has a private account on Instagram.

About Cano Water

Josh White co-founded Cano Water in 2015. Three friends from their teens, Josh White, Ariel Booker, and Perry Alexander, formed it.

 These three young businesspeople have taken on the most prominent plastic goods manufacturers. The team had a difficult first three years.

Josh White is a professional marketing director with previous expertise in the food and beverage sector. Josh has a strong background in entrepreneurship and event planning.

Social Media Account

You can find Josh White on Instagram. He goes by the handle @josh white1.

He has nearly 4,000 followers. Anyone interested is welcome to follow him since his account is open to the public.

Josh White Net Worth

The estimated income of Josh White Cano Water isn’t known to the general public. His primary source of income is Cano Water. According to many sites, Josh White Net Worth is between $1 to $5 million.