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Luzelba Mansour Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Luzelba Mansour Net Worth

Luzelba Mansour is an American lawyer, Actress, and entrepreneur from the United States. She is well-known for her roles in Estrella TV reality shows Noches con Platanito, Rica Famosa Latina, and Glitterbomb. This is one the perfect place if you are interested in reading about her multi-talented personality.

The article will include her age, biography, early life, physical appearance, career, parents, husband, children, net worth, and much more. 


Luzelba was born on December 17, 1972, in Capilla de Guadalupe, Mexico. She is still working as a lawyer while exploring other career options, such as real estate. The Actress prefers to spread her wings in different occupations rather than focus on a single career.

Name Luzelba Mansour
Age 52 years
Date of Birth December 17, 1972
Net Worth $6 Million
Nationality Mexican American
Profession Lawyer, Actress, Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur
Place of Birth Chapel of Guadalupe, Mexico
Spouse Zaki Mansour (Divorced)
Children 2
Height 5’7″ (1.7m)
Weight 52.2 kilograms


Luzelba Mansour expanded herself to something other than the profession of law while in school. Her move to the United States made it easier for her to expand her acting career. 

She worked as a real estate agent after graduation. Luzelba is also a television actress. She became well-known after appearing in the Estrella TV Network reality series Rica, Famosa, Latina, in 2017. Luzelba was also a special guest on the Rica La Noche show and the Miss Latina Cosmopolitan beauty contest.

In addition, Mansour co-judged the Queen of the Universe beauty contest with Lisa Vanderpump in 2015. Aside from that, the entrepreneur actively participates in charitable events. As of February 2019, she has left her TV career to pursue a career in real estate.

Luzelba Mansour

Early Life and Education

Luzelba, a well-known real estate businesswoman, was born to her mother, Natalia Marquez and her father, Jose de Jesus Lozano. Luzelba has two brothers and a sister who have avoided the media’s attention. She also appears to have a close relationship with her mother and is more frequently on her Instagram page than anyone else. Her father worked on a strawberry farm and also in a restaurant.

The Actress received a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Husband and Children

Luzelba was previously married. She shared a home with her former husband, Egyptian businessman Zaki Mansour. However, Zaki was 30 years older than Luzelba. The former couple had two children, Alexa in 1996 and Athena in 2002.

Moreover, after many years of marriage, she and Zaki divorced. The details of their divorce are not public.

Physical Appearance

Mansour keeps us guessing her age by eating healthy and working out. The mother of two appears relatively young, and the reason is apparent. She takes her workouts seriously and appears to follow a strict diet plan. Her weight and ripped body are proof of how effective her routine is. The mother of two, 50 years old, still looks stunning in any outfit.

Luzelba Mansour Net Worth

She enjoys acting, and art is responsible for getting her name out there, but it is not the only profession she is involved. Luzelba Mansour is also a real estate entrepreneur and lawyer. These professions contribute to her estimated net worth of $6 million and a salary range of $135,116 – $219,468.


  1. Luzelba is well-known among her friends and family for her calm and understanding attitude.
  2. She is one of the most knowledgeable and diligent individuals.
  3. She appears to reside in a 6.741 square-foot property with 9 baths and six bedrooms with best-view balconies.
  4. She also enjoys traveling and has visited several places with her kids and friends.
  5. This stunning lady is active on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and others.
  6. She has almost 137k Instagram followers.
  7. Many of her admirers remain unaware that she is an animal lover. Not only that, but she adores large diamond rings and neckpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luzelba Mansour

1: Why is Luzelba Mansour well-known?

She is widely known for her program Rica, Famosa, and Latina.

2: Luzelba Mansour’s age?

As of 2022, Mansour is 49 years old.

3: Who is the husband of Luzelba Mansour?

She got married in 1994 to Egyptian-American businessman Zaki Mansour.

4: Luzelba Mansour is from where?

She is originally from Mexico.

5: What is Luzelba Mansour’s nationality?

Luzelba was born in Mexico and is of Mexican descent.

6: Who are the parents of Luzelba Mansour?

Natalia Marquez (mother) and Jose de Jesus Lozano (father) raised Luzelba.

7: What is the height of Luzelba Mansour?

She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

8: Is she still married?

No, she is divorced now.


Luzelba Mansour’s journey from a small-town girl to a renowned actress, lawyer, and influencer inspires many. Her continuous determination, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit have propelled her to heights in the entertainment industry. Beyond her professional success, Luzelba remains grounded and dedicated to her family, emphasizing the importance of balance and authenticity. With her inspiring story and continuous achievements, Luzelba Mansour continues to impact the entertainment industry and her fans worldwide.