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Mike Cassel Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Mike Cassel Net Worth

Do you know Who is Mike Cassel? Mike Cassel is a Von Dutch member and calls himself an outlaw. Find out more about the initial Von Dutch founder on Hulu, as recently shown in the crime series The Curse Of Von Dutch. 

The following article will provide his age, biography, career, net worth, family, and facts.


Von Dutch’s owner, Mike Cassel, is currently in his mid-fifties. 

In honor of Kenny Howard, often known as “Von Dutch,” a famous American clothing company has been named Von Dutch. He worked as a development painter for Kustom Kulture and was an American craftsman. When Kenny Howard passed away in 1992 from problems brought on by alcohol use, his daughters Lisa and Lorna received ownership of the Von Dutch brand. After four years, in 1996, his daughters sold the Von Dutch name to Michael Cassel and Robert Vaughn.

After Kenny Howard, Michael Cassel is the Von Dutch apparel company director. He and Robert Vaughn combined to create a transportable aesthetic from Howard’s legacy of imaginative iconography.

Von Dutch, the company, had a little more time left before the century was over. Cassel presented Von Dutch as being quite different from what one may anticipate. Veterans might recall that strange era in the middle of the 2000s when Von Dutch’s pilot caps were the height of fashion.

NameMike Cassel
AgeAround 55 years old
Date of birthUnknown
Salary$48k–110k per year
Net worth$1.9 million
OccupationFashion designer, founder of Von Dutch
Known forTransforming symbols into wearable apparel
CollaboratorsRobert Vaughn, Tonny Sorensen, Christian Audigier
Legal issuesInjunction against using Von Dutch Originals’ emblem, allegations of forged signatures renouncing shareholding in the firm


Unfortunately, only a few people know the dull history of the well-known name, and Hulu’s latest story revealed everything. In November 2000, as Cassel tried to find funds to support the organization, he hired Tonny Sorensen, a visionary and inventor from the Danish business world. However, The clothing line gained popularity in the US and caught the attention of well-known individuals.

Moreover, Several famous people have worn it, including Ashton Kutcher and Eric Church. Paris Hilton, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Lance Pedersen, and Bernabe Sosa wore it. The captivating technology narrative “The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die” on Hulu astounded us.

Story of The Curse Of Von Dutch

The brand’s fame did not allow the defendant to avoid paying shares. Viewers may now watch a fascinating story of how the most well-known trend came to be on Hulu. Furthermore, the person, Venice Beach surfers, defendant, European clothes, and Hollywood motion change it from a complex characteristic to one of the most easily known on Earth.

All of these are related to someone suffering at the same time. Moreover, The American craftsman, repairman, and pinstriper Kenny Howard of Kustom Kulture, well-known for his hardships, inspired the name Von Dutch. Because of his struggle, his relatives referred to him as Dutch. Von was included as a creative and innovative brand.

In April 2004, a United States District Court judge affirmed Michael Cassel’s injunction. After a prolonged boycott, he was forced to use the Von Dutch Iconic brand.

However, According to a previous control request, Cassel was banned from using the Von Dutch logo or selling any Von Dutch items. However, Sorensen was still the company’s CEO at the time. According to attorneys who contacted Von Dutch Originals, Cassel’s resignation from the company in 2002 set records. Cassel continued by claiming that the labels were hoaxes.

Mike Cassel Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of Mike Cassel Von Dutch is $1.9 million.

A Kustom Kulture artist and pinstriper by Kenny Howard, Von Dutch is an American global licensing company. In the United States, celebrities, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and later Ashton Kutcher and Eric Church, became admirers of the clothing line.

Furthermore, Christian Audigier, a French stylist who helped popularise the brand before leaving in 2004, significantly impacted its development.