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Mitchell Diggs’ Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Mitchell Diggs Net Worth

Mitchell “Divine” Diggs is a well-known music business personality, best known as the visionary owner of the acclaimed music group WU. Divine has successfully pushed WU to new heights thanks to her strong eye for talent and persistent enthusiasm for music.

If you want to know about Mitchell “Divine” Diggs, an owner of the music group WU, then this is the right platform to get knowledge on him. This article will discuss his entire life, including age, biography, family, net worth, etc.


Some online sources show Divine Diggs is between 40 and 45 years old. His exact age is unknown, but we know he celebrates his birthday on July 23rd each year. Wu Music Group’s development and company can be credited to its owner, Mitchell “Divine” Diggs. He’s also addressed as RZA’s older sibling. Mitchell Divine Diggs is a rapper, record producer, and actor from the United States. Diggs is so well-known because he founded and established the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

Early Career

Mitchell is one of the most significant individuals in Wu Gathering as the company president and senior executive. Mitchell has encouraged the group to grow to ever-greater levels with the help of his brothers RZA, GZA, ninth Sovereign, Old, and others. Some group members have established themselves as independent professionals. The group is continuously progressing.

He has performed a number of extraordinary jobs in his position as the organization’s Chief. He also helped the group members to increase their ability to grow more. Mitchel widened the scope of his profession by beginning a new movie project alongside his younger brother RZA.

Entering the film industry was a complete adventure for both brothers. However, when they combined the hip-jump approach and composed the music for Kill Bill Volume I and II, they achieved great success.

Mitchell has invested a lot of time and effort into elevating the Wu group to their current position and establishing their reputation.

Personal Life

He has younger siblings, Terrence “9th Prince” Hamlin and Sophia Diggs and an older brother named RZA, who has appeared in Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Mitchell Divine Diggs talked about working at several jobs as a youngster to support his family in an interview with Montreality.

Although there is little evidence to back up the claim, Divine Diggs has yet to start dating as far as we know. He is in a challenging situation because information about his future marriage has not been made public.

Mitchell Diggs’ Net Worth

In 2023, Mitchell Diggs’ net worth will be between $10 and $15 million. Even though all of his accomplishments, he founded Razor Sharp Records in 1996 and signed a first-level deal with Epic Records worth $10 million.

Interesting Facts about Mitchell “Divine” Diggs

  • The younger brothers of Mitchell Diggs are Terrance Hamlin (9th Prince) and Robert Fitzgerald Diggs (RZA).
  • The other name for Mitchell Diggs is Divine Diggs.
  • Mitchell Diggs spent some time in jail because he was associated with certain unethical activities.
  • Mitchell (Divine) Diggs’ Instagram page now seems to be inactive.
  • The estimated net worth of his brother RZA is $18 million.
  • Before breaking into the music business, Divine showed his entrepreneurial energy by starting profitable companies in a variety of industries, including fashion and technology.
  • Divine’s aptitude for identifying and fostering raw talent has been critical to WU’s success.
  • His excellent ear for music and in-depth industry knowledge has earned him the title of famous A&R specialist.
  • Divine is constantly interested in philanthropic projects in addition to his contributions to the music business. He has contributed to various initiatives relating to education and youth empowerment, impacting countless people’s lives.

Physical Characteristics

Mitchell “Divine” Diggs has a powerful presence complements his vibrant attitude. Divine is 6 feet tall and has a well-built physique reflecting his commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. His charming grin and confident posture have become his hallmark, attracting the attention of fans and industry experts’ attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mitchell “Divine” Diggs

Q1: How did Mitchell “Divine” Diggs start his journey in the music industry?

A: Divine’s passion for music led him to explore various roles in the industry, including artist management and A&R. Through perseverance and dedication, he built a strong network and eventually established WU Music Group.

Q2: What sets WU Music Group apart from other music labels?

A: WU Music Group stands out for its commitment to nurturing artists and allowing them creative freedom. Divine’s personalized approach and hands-on involvement ensure that each artist’s unique talents are fully realized, resulting in notable music releases.

Q3: Has Mitchell “Divine” Diggs received any industry recognition?

A: Absolutely! Divine’s contributions to the music industry have been widely recognized. He has been honoured with prestigious awards for his outstanding achievements as an entrepreneur and music executive.