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Peter Souhleris’ Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Peter Souhleris Net Worth

You may have heard of a politician, a writer, or a well-known TV figure, but in today’s world, even persons with a large following on Instagram or TikTok are considered celebrities.

Similarly, serial killers and murderers are well-known for their horrible actions. I’m talking about people with an interesting life and turning it into a Netflix arrangement or any reality television initiative, and Boom! 

Peter Souhleris, a real estate investor and businessman, became a celebrity on the smashed reality show Flipping Boston. To know more about him, read the article. This will include his age, biography, and career. Education, personal life, family, wife, children, net worth, height, weight, etc.


Peter Souhleris, a real estate investor and entrepreneur, became a celebrity after the smash reality show Flipping Boston. He is in his mid-fifties. Peter and Dave Seymour buy, renovate, and resell promising houses and apartments. This profession has shown to be quite financially profitable. 

Name Peter Souhleris
Profession Professional TV Actor
Age Mid-fifties
Country United States of America
Height Unknown
Net Worth $5 million


Peter formerly worked for many architectural firms in Marblehead, MA. His various experience in commercial and residential properties enables him to confidently engage in the industry of selling homes today. All of this is something he learnt while studying architecture. Today, he applies this perspective to his business.

He also enjoys DJing. According to Peter, music boosts his creative side. Peter and Dave market and sell their so-called “The Flipping Formula.” A&E assists them in selling high-priced conversations on this seemingly guaranteed way of making money in the real estate market.

Souhleris became one of the show’s key faces when A&E launched Flipping Boston in 2012 as a spin-off to the highly successful Flipping Vegas. This show has gained popularity and contributed to his already large net worth.

Peter Souhleris’ Net Worth

As of 2023, Peter Souhleris’ net worth is expected to be about $5 million. He has various ways to earn. His work in television and property dealing rewarded him with greater wealth. 

Moreover, He and his family are living a luxurious life. 

Personal Life

Stars are well-known people, but they also have a personal life. When you achieve excellence, your life becomes complete. He tied the knot to Desi Souhleris, his old lover from college. 

He also enjoys spending time alongside her.