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Prophet Anthony Lott Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Wiki!

Prophet Anthony Lott net worth

Prophet Anthony Lott Net Worth

As of 2023, Prophet Anthony Lott net worth is estimated to be roughly $500k.

Prophet Anthony Lott is a visionary, life coach, spiritual adviser, and current minister. According to his Twitter, he holds a doctorate degree in theology from Slidell Theological Seminary. Today, Prophet Anthony Lott has been making headlines in the news and media due to rumours that he was involved in an illegal extramarital relationship.

Furthermore, this content will discuss his age, date of birth, biography, career, early life, professional life, personal life, family, parents, wife, children, height, weight, allegations, net worth, education, and more.


Prophet Anthony Lott Jr. was born on 21 December 1983, at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas, Texas, to father Anthony Lott Sr. and mother Rosalinda Lott.

Prophet Anthony Lott’s mother received a visit from an angel of the Lord while he was still in the womb, just like Prophet Jeremiah did in the Bible. The angel informed her, “You will give birth to a prophet, and he will go to the Nations.”

Early Life and Career

At the Gethsemane Church of God in Christ, located in the southern portion of Dallas, Texas, Prophet Lott soon started leading services for his grandfather at age 5. These services included preaching, prophesying, and healing the sick.

The young man had a special touch from heaven, and it was immediately apparent that he had extraordinary contact with God.

Prophet Lott developed as he got older and eventually acquired “striking skills” in basketball. He participated in basketball during high school and college, where his athletic skill exploded and amazed those who witnessed it.

His principal fame is for bringing people closer to their spiritual selves. Additionally, by comparing them and God, He has a reputation for giving people moral support and inspiration to believe in their actions.

Personal Life

Anthony Lott, a prophet, is married to Christa Lott. Christa and Anthony tied the knot in 2013. In addition, he and Christa, his better half, are the parents of only the two children who made their family.

 Thus his spouse and children make up his immediate family.


According to rumours, Prophet Anthony Lott and LaToya Ali from the RHOA have extramarital affairs. A member of RHOA and American entertainer Drew Sidora confirmed they are in a relationship.

LaToya allegedly reserved a room for her and Prophet Lott, who left the room the following morning. Drew even claimed that the Prophet had provided her insight into his mission.

Prophet Anthony Lott Net Worth

Prophet Anthony estimated net worth lies between $500k – $650k. He is living a decent life with all ease. He also earns from his social media accounts.

Facebook: @ProphetAnthonyLott

Twitter: @ProphetLott

Instagram: @ProphetLottOfficial

Physical Characteristics

Prophet Anthony Lott has a strong presence and a charming personality. He stands six feet tall and has a well-built physique that reflects his strict lifestyle. His captivating brown eyes are renowned for conveying knowledge and compassion, attracting others to him. He exudes power and spirituality with his clean-shaven head.

Facts about Prophet Anthony Lott

1. Prophet Anthony Lott, born and nurtured in a devout Christian family, realised his spiritual vocation at an early age. 

2. His path to becoming a preacher began during adolescence when he had a great spiritual awakening. This life-changing experience led him to devote his life to serving and assisting others on their spiritual journeys.

3. Prophet Anthony Lott is the inspirational creator of the Life Mastery Institute, a well-known organisation committed to inspiring people to live their best lives. 

4. He helps individuals discover their full potential, find their life purpose, and achieve personal and professional fulfilment through coaching programmes, seminars, and spiritual retreats.

5. Prophet Anthony Lott has attracted audiences all around the world as an articulate and energetic speaker.

6. He has given motivational speeches at major events and conferences, giving his knowledge and views on personal growth, spirituality, and prosperity. 

7. He has also written numerous best-selling books that provide practical advice for changing one’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can Prophet Anthony Lott help me?

A: Prophet Anthony Lott serves as a life coach and spiritual adviser, guiding individuals towards personal and spiritual growth. Through his coaching programs and spiritual teachings, he helps people overcome challenges, discover their life purpose, and unleash their full potential.

Q: Can Prophet Anthony Lott guide specific areas of life?

A: Yes, Prophet Anthony Lott offers guidance in various areas, including relationships, career, personal development, and spiritual awakening. His coaching methods empower individuals to overcome obstacles, set achievable goals, and create a life of abundance and fulfilment.

Q: Is Prophet Anthony Lott affiliated with any specific religious denomination?

A: While Prophet Anthony Lott’s teachings are rooted in spirituality, his guidance is not limited to any particular religious denomination. He believes in the power of universal principles and draws wisdom from various spiritual traditions to provide advice that resonates with people from diverse backgrounds.


Prophet Anthony Lott is a visionary, life coach, spiritual adviser, and current minister dedicated to uplifting and supporting people on their spiritual journeys. He has helped many individuals develop their real potential and discover meaning and purpose in their lives through his magnetic appearance, motivating presentations, and transforming coaching programmes. Prophet Anthony Lott’s organisation, the Life Mastery Institute, continues influencing people by disseminating his message of personal growth, spirituality, and enjoying a life of plenty. Prophet Anthony Lott’s knowledge and teachings can equip you with the means to achieve a life filled with pleasure, prosperity, and spiritual fulfilment, whether you want advice in relationships, profession, or personal growth. Connect with him on social media and start on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.