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Sasha Obama Net Worth 2023: How Much Money Does She Have?

Sasha Obama Net Worth

Sasha Obama’s Net Worth

The social media sensation Sasha Obama is estimated to be worth $450,000. She has the life of a princess. However, given her family’s success and potential, it’s realistic to expect that Sasha’s net worth will skyrocket in the future. Sasha is prepared to forge her path and substantially affect society, thanks to her love for public service and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Her father has a net worth of $12.2 million, while her mother has a net worth of $11.8 million.

What is Sasha Obama famous for?

Sasha Obama is well-known for being the younger daughter of former American President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Celebrated Name Sasha Obama
Age 19 Years
Nick Name Rosebud
Birth Name Sasha Obama
Birth Date June 10, 2001
Gender Female
Profession TV Personality
Place Of Birth Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Birth Nation USA
Nationality American
Father Barack Obama
Mother Michelle Obama
Sisters Malia Obama
Height 5 ft. 9 inches
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Marital Status Single
Hobbies Tennis, Tap Dance, Gymnastics & Piano
Horoscope Gemini
Net Worth $450,000
Sexual Orientation Straight

When was Sasha Obama born?

Sasha Obama was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 10, 2001. Natasha Ann Obama is both her real name and her birth name.

Sasha was born into a wealthy and healthy family. Her parents are Barak Obama (father) and Michelle Obama (mother). Her father is a well-known and well-liked former president of the United States, and her mother is a former first lady.

Sasha Obama’s younger sister is Malia Obama. 

The book “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” was written by her father. Before becoming president, he worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the “University of Chicago.”

Sasha’s mother, Michelle Obama, is a well-known personality in the United States for her engagement in nationwide social awareness programs.

Her paternal grandparents are Barak Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, and her maternal grandparents are Fraser C. Robinson III and Marian Sheilds Robinson.

How was Sasha Obama’s Early Life?

Sasha was raised in the spotlight because they were born into a renowned family. She is an American citizen of African-American origin. It is the sign of Gemini.

Obama attended the “University of Chicago Laboratory Schools” in Chicago with her elder sister. Their father was elected president on January 20, 2009. They then participated at the “Sidwell Friends School” in Washington, DC.

Obama and her family relocated to Washington when her father was elected second-term president in 2012. Obama was just 15 years old when his second term ended on January 20, 2017.

The Obamas purchased a home and opted to remain in Washington, D.C., so their daughter Sasha could graduate high school there, but they did not want to relocate.

Moreover, Sasha Obama worked briefly in 2016 at Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant on the island.

Her responsibilities included:

  • Working at the cash register.
  • Cleaning tables.
  • Preparing the restaurant for lunch service.

Furthermore, She admires her father and mother’s affluent lifestyle but despises it. She and her family resided there for eight years.

How is Sasha Obama’s Career?

Sasha Obama is an adolescent who is now seeking an education. Despite being only a teenager, she has become a social media phenomenon. However, Sasha is among the top 15 most-followed people in the United States, which is impressive for a youngster. Her Instagram account currently has 92.4 million followers. She’s also an excellent volleyball player, with 1038 kills and 572 blocks.

In 2009, she also made a few cameos in the comedy “First Family.”

Despite being born into a wealthy and well-known family, Sasha Obama has grown up in the limelight. Her childhood was far from average. Sasha came to the White House when she was seven years old 2009. 

It was her father’s election, Barack Obama, as President of the United States. She was there for eight years. She was the White House’s youngest resident since John F. Kennedy Jr. came as a newborn in 1961, and she garnered much media interest at the time.

At her former school, Sidwell Friends School, Obama was a cheerleader. She was even featured on the cover of American Cheerleader in 2018. She was also a four-year D.C. State Athletic Association champion volleyball player in high school. Her mother, Michelle Obama, had also published a book titled “Becoming.” In the book, she confessed that her husband, Barack, complained when their daughter, Sasha, chose cheerleading over basketball. Nonetheless, they were encouraging, attending her concerts regularly.

After her father’s presidency ended, she worked as a summer intern at Nancy’s. The Obamas spent their 2016 summer vacation at a seafood restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. She worked as a cashier, bused tables, and got the restaurant ready for business before midday. On the other hand, her parents lavish her with a rich lifestyle.

What is the status of Sasha Obama’s personal life?

Sasha Obama is single. At the time, she was rumoured to be dating Matt.

Sasha and her family are living the good life in the United States. She owns two Portuguese water dogs and likes spending time with them. She frequently throws parties in her treehouse.

Her favourite pastimes are tennis, tap dance, gymnastics, and piano. Several images of her enjoying her 16th birthday with her family have surfaced on Twitter.

Sasha is also dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” by the people. She goes under the alias “Rosebud.”

How Tall is Sasha Obama?

Sasha Obama has a petite physique that she takes care of. She is tall, standing at 5’9″ (1.76m). He weighs 60 kilograms (132 pounds).

Her body measures 32-25-34 inches in length. Her bra is 31 B, and she wears size eight shoes.

Moreover, She is gorgeous with her light brown eyes and black hair.

Facts About Sasha Obama

1. Sasha Obama is 18 years old.

2. Born on June 10, 2001.

3. Gemini is her birth sign.

4. On the night of his election, President Obama promised Sasha and Malia he would purchase a dog. They called their adopted Portuguese Water Dog Bo in 2009.

5. Sasha speaks Spanish fluently, demonstrating her desire to extend her views and interact with individuals from other backgrounds.

6. Sasha has also proved her intellectual brilliance by achieving academically and receiving praise for her educational achievements.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When and where Sasha Obama was born?

A: Sasha Obama was born on 10 June 10, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois.

Q: What is Sasha Obama’s full name?

A: Sasha Obama’s full name is Natasha Marian Obama.

Q: Where did Sasha Obama attend school?

A: Sasha attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., during her family’s time in the White House.

Q: Does Sasha Obama have any siblings?

A: Sasha Obama has one elder sister named Malia Ann Obama.

Q: What are Sasha Obama’s interests?

A: Sasha Obama has expressed interest in dance, tennis, and filmmaking. She is also very passionate about doing volunteer work and social justice.


Sasha Obama’s journey has just begun, and her bright future is filled with opportunities. However, the world eagerly expects the significant effect she will have as she continues exploring her passions and navigating her path. Sasha is an inspiration to young people all around the world.

We look forward to witnessing her growth and profound influence on society.