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Shanon Culiner – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Shanon Culiner Net Worth

Shanon Culiner is the husband of Carissa Culiner, who recently joined the E! News family. She is a lovely lady with a bright and charming face. They are currently living peacefully in Los Angeles. Continue reading if you’re curious about Shanon’s and Carissa’s wiki and net worth.

The article will discuss his age, biography, career, education, personal life, net worth, height, age, parents, siblings, and more.


Shanon is estimated to be in his mid-30s. Shanon Culiner is a great person who captured the essence of the American host and journalist of the Daily Pop and News and E, respectively. 

Name Shanon Culiner
Relationship Husband of Carissa Culiner
Age Estimated to be in his mid-30s
Shanon’s Profession Not specified in the given text
Shanon’s Earnings $1 million annually
Carissa’s Earnings Earns $57,000 annually as a reporter
Carissa’s Net Worth $2 million as of 2022


Specifically, Shanon is a creative individual who enjoys unscripted television programs and computerized material.

Furthermore, His job requires him to develop fresh and original ideas, create configurations, and pursue his ability to give and construct a position.

Personal Life

Furthermore, Shanon proposed to Carissa on December 26, 2014, in a cafe in seaside Malibu. Carissa established a strong attachment to Shanon, resulting in a joyful life together. On June 3, 2016, both of them tied the knot. Moreover, They enjoyed an extravagant wedding with a beautiful service in Islamorada, Florida. He appears to be a loving parent and a devoted husband to his wife. They appear to have a deep and compassionate bond with one another. Shanon Culiner is a generous man with a wonderful personality who has formed an unbreakable link with Carissa.

In contrast to his better half, Carissa, Shanon is not well-known to the general audience. Regardless, he looks to have a happy professional status and money. 

About Carissa Culiner

Carissa entered the world of journalism in 2012 after working for Newsy, an online news organization. But her major goal was to join the E! News network, which is well ahead of the competition in the entertainment and magazine industries. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, in 2015 for this aim. 

She was always excited to represent herself on television. Carissa Culiner regularly blogged about her family, friends, and outings with children. She also presents her adventures and events. Furthermore, blogs are related to her work environment, and amazing Tiktok recordings seem to be stored for her Instagram; her account username is @carissaculiner.

About their Kids

Shanon Culiner is a happy father and Carissa Culiner’s husband, and he is an active and creative man concerned with his media-related work. In addition, a couple was honoured with two children. 

Moreover, Shanon Culiner has two adorable children, Chase Culiner and Zoey Grace Culiner. Chase, the more mature child, was born in 2017 and is now around five years old. His younger daughter, Zoey Grace, is two years old.

Net Worth

Shanon Culiner earns an average of $1 million annually, while her wife Carissa earns $57K as a reporter. Carissa Culiner’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million as of 2022. 

She began her career in country radio, co-hosting Scotty & Carissa in the Morning on Clear 99. (KCLR-FM), an award-winning program. She worked there between 2006 and 2012. While delivering the show, she received the “CMA Small Market Personality of the Year” and the NAB Marconi Radio Award for “Small Market Personality of the Year.

Carissa also earns money from her Instagram account. She has almost 60k Instagram followers.