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Zachary Pym Williams – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Zachary Pym Williams Net Worth

Zachary Pym Williams is an established entertainer in the United States. He has credited the Hollywood film industry with several movies and television productions. Read the following article to discover more about his net worth and age. 

The article will elaborate on his age, date of birth, biography, early life, education, personal life, family, career, net worth, height, weight, and more.


Zachary Pym Williams, often known as Zak Williams, is the son of Robin Williams, the renowned comedian, and actor. After participating in a few films and television shows, including ‘The Graduates (2008) and ‘Extra’ (1994), Zak chose to skip the glamour and glam of celebrity. 

He is now involved with several nonprofit organisations dedicated to the welfare of humanity. Zak’s charitable activity includes teaching convicts about financial literacy and raising awareness about mental health. In 2015, he organised prisoner courses at ‘San Quentin State Prison.’ Apart from sitting on the boards of many charity organisations, Zak presently works for a firm named ‘Fizz.io.’

Early Life and Education

Zachary Pym Williams was born in San Francisco, California, on April 11, 1983, to Robin Williams and Valerie Velardi. Due to his father’s popularity, Zak appeared in several TV series like ‘Extra’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ while he continued to be a kid. Zak earned an MBA from New York’s renowned ‘Columbia University’ after finishing high school and college. He decided not to follow in his famous father’s footsteps and to establish his path in life.


Zak Williams started his career in California’s ‘San Quentin State Prison’ in 2014. His wife, Alexandra Mallick, who had a job as a director at ‘Human Rights Watch’ at the time, recommended the idea. Around this time, Zak met Curtis Carroll, with whom he started teaching at the prison once a week. Zak eventually started devoting more time to assisting those in need, which led him to begin collaboration with several nonprofit organisations.

Zak serves on the board of a charity organisation called “Bring Change to Mind.” The organisation, originally co-founded in 2010 by actor and activist Glenn Close, strives to provide spaces for discussion on mental health to promote awareness about diverse mental health challenges. Zak additionally serves on the boards of many charitable organisations, including the ‘San Francisco Film Society’ and the ‘Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts.’

Television Work

Zachary Pym Williams prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He has been on many television shows, including ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and ‘Extra.’ In 2008, he played a small role in Ryan Gielen’s adolescent comedy film ‘The Graduates.’ In 2018, Zak was featured in the documentary ‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.’ The documentary, created by American director Marina Zenovich, honours Zak’s father, Robin Williams, and his life and achievements. He was featured in the HBO documentary detailing Robin’s difficulties because of his closeness to his father.

Personal Life

Zachary Williams is married to Alexandra Mallick, the executive director of a nonprofit organisation called ‘Re: store Justice.’ The organisation, created in 2017, strives to improve the lives of detained people. It also intends to alter the United States criminal justice system. They married in 2008, and after ten years of marriage, they divorced in 2018. Moreover, he met Olivia June and even had a child named McLaurin Clement Williams. McLaurin was born on May 22, 2019. Zelda Rae Williams and Cody Alan Williams tend to be Zak’s half-siblings. Zelda and Cody are the children of Robin Williams’ second marriage to Marsha Garces. Unlike their half-brother, Zak, Zelda, and Cody chose to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, regarding physical measurement, he is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 70 kg, and his other measurements are 32-26-32.

Net Worth

He has continuously shown his talent for acting and dramatisation. However, the public adored and valued his art. Zachary Pym Williams’ net worth includes $1 billion. While his salary ranges between $3 million and $4 million.