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Ed Boswell – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Ed Boswell Net Worth

Do you want to read articles about art dealers? And want to know more about them? So this article is on Ed Boswell, an art dealer, and collector based in Los Angeles who specializes in fine art and rare prints. The following article will elaborate on his Age, biography, career, family, net worth, relationships, early life, physical appearance, and more.


Ed Boswell appears to be in his 50s to 60s based on his appearance. The public still needs to be aware of Boswell’s actual Age. Additionally, a mechanic named Kenneth Robert Howard founded Von Dutch in the 1950s. Michael Cassel purchased the rights from his daughter after he passed away.

Ed Boswell, a well-known art dealer, and collector in Los Angeles, is a brand connected with the world of fine art and rare prints. Boswell has had a significant influence on the art community, promoting appreciation for creative treasures and assisting artists in gaining recognition because of his endless enthusiasm for the arts and thorough understanding of the business. 

The early years of Ed Boswell are little known because of his low profile. The most popular search terms on the internet often include him.

Ed Boswell completed schooling at Millikan High School and done his graduation from California State University.


Famous art dealer and collector Ed Boswell focuses on original prints and fine art. He also mentioned working as a concert promoter in Long Beach in an article published by OC Weekly 2004.

In addition, Boswell is a successful businessman and the founder of the art company Ed Boswell Designs, which offers publishing and framing services.

According to Houzz, Boswell’s designs can also feature in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. While this happened, the well-known personality recently attracted more attention after Von Dutch-related news made headlines.

Boswell was previously referred to as Von Dutch’s founder. He is one of the three men connected to the clothing line’s alleged founders. Von Dutch is a claim that dates back to the early 2000s.

The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For, a new three-part documentary on Hulu, explores why people identify so strongly with mass-produced brands and how that can go wrong.

Ed Boswell Net Worth

Alleged Ed Boswell, the creator of Von Dutch, has a net worth of about $11 million. His actual net worth is still being calculated because he has not provided any information about his income sources.

Meanwhile, we made the above estimate using idle speculation. Without a doubt, Boswell is profiting handsomely from his business. He also leads a luxurious lifestyle.

Personal Life

Boswell has just publicly discussed his marriage in the media. It must be a good life for him and his family.

Happy marriage exists between Ed Boswell and his unidentified wife. From Boswell’s Facebook bio, we can tell right away that he is a happy and fulfilled husband.

Physical Characteristics

Ed Boswell grabs attention with his physical presence. Boswell, who stands at an astounding 6 feet 2 inches tall, exudes confidence, which compliments his exquisite taste in art. He exudes refinement with penetrating hazel eyes that reflect the world of imagination. He wears colorful pocket squares with his fitted suits, giving his clothing a bit of creative flair.

Social Media Accounts

Ed Boswell regularly maintains a presence on multiple social media platforms in order to interact with art fans and share his passion for all things artistic. On Instagram, his username “@EdBoswellArt” has a sizable following, and he frequently publishes intriguing photographs of the artwork he comes across, coupled with intelligent commentary that dive into each piece’s historical and aesthetic value. His Twitter account, “@BoswellArtDealer,” is a center of lively art conversations in which he fosters dialogue and offers professional judgments on various creative movements and trends.

Facts about Ed Boswell

1. Ed Boswell’s interest in painting began in college when he attended an art history elective course. The lesson sparked his interest, leading him to investigate the intriguing world of art and cultivating his appreciation for classic and modern works.

2. Ed has worked hard over the years to establish an excellent art empire in Los Angeles. His vast network of ties with notable artists, galleries, and collectors has elevated him to prominence in art.

3. Ed Boswell’s expertise is a fine art and rare prints. He is well-versed in various art movements, including Renaissance, Impressionism, and Modernism. His ability to recognize exceptional items and his enthusiasm for discovering hidden jewels make him a sought-after art dealer.

4. Ed has organized several amazing shows that have received critical praise. He masterfully creates immersive experiences via meticulous selection and presentation, allowing viewers to enjoy the beauty and tale behind each artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ed Boswell

Q: How did Ed Boswell become an art dealer?

A: Ed’s journey into the art world began with a college course in art history, which sparked his passion for the subject. He then immersed himself in the art community, attending auctions, exhibitions, and building connections. Through his dedication and love for art, he developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, eventually becoming an esteemed art dealer.

Q: What sets Ed Boswell apart as an art dealer?

A: Ed’s keen eye for quality and ability to identify rare prints and exceptional artworks set him apart in the art market. His passion for art goes beyond the monetary value; he values the stories and emotions that each piece represents. His genuine appreciation for art and his extensive network and industry knowledge make him a trusted and respected figure in the field.

Q: How can someone contact Ed Boswell for art-related inquiries?

A: You can contact Ed Boswell through his official website, www.edboswellart.com, where you will find his contact information. Alternatively, you can connect with him through his social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Ed Boswell, a renowned art dealer, and collector in Los Angeles, has made an unmistakable impression on the art world with his persistent commitment to promoting great art and rare prints. Boswell has been a catalyst for recognizing potential and nurturing artistic growth with his sophisticated taste, vast knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm for creative expression. He continues to inspire seasoned collectors and budding artists with his social media presence, personal presence, and donations to the industry. Ed Boswell’s impact as an art dealer and collector will definitely go on, influencing the art world for future generations.