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Erica rose is a multitalented personality. She is American Actor, lawyer, advocate, and reality TV personality. She is the wife of famous Injury Attorney, lawyer, and advocate Charles Sander. If you are eager to want other information on her, the article is for you.

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On April 6, 1983, in Houston, Texas, Erica Rose was born in the United States. Erica is 39 years old as of 2022. She is an American actress, lawyer, and TV personality. She also works alongside her husband at the Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, where she is a partner and an attorney.

Name:Erica Rose Sander
Date of birth:April 6, 1983

Early Life & Education

She attended The Kinkaid School and obtained a dual degree in English and creative writing with a theatre minor from Emory University. Erica served as the sports editor and a staff writer for The Emory Wheel while she was a student at Emory and a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi fraternity.

In 2012, She graduated with a degree in law from the University of Houston Law Center. Furthermore, she holds an LLM in Entertainment and Media Law from the California-based Southwestern Law School.

However, At Spyglass Entertainment, Rose Sanders began her legal career as an intern. She established The Erica Rose Legal Company in 2019 and Rose Sanders Law Firm, a Texas-based personal injury law firm, with her husband, Charles Sanders, in 2020.

Career As a TV Personality

In 2006, Erica Rose Sanders made her reality television debut as a contestant on The Bachelor’s ninth season.

Erica made her television debut in 2010 on the show “You’re Cut Off.” Nine wealthy ladies who were informed they would be featured on a fictitious television show called The Good Life were the subject of the earlier series. They were later reported, however, that their families had “cut them off” from their allowance and that they were taking part in an eight-week program that introduced them to a more straightforward way of life.

Erica made her television debut in 2011 on the show Bachelor Pad. Due to an episode of Bachelor Pad Season 3 where eggs were thrown at Erica as part of a “Challenge,” Erica became the focus of controversy.

Erica recalled a considerable difficulty that she claimed was both physically painful and emotionally traumatic: Tactical on Your Back. The task required male and female competitors to line up in bikinis or swimsuits while wearing blindfolds. Each opposing side member was given a question and instructed to respond by throwing an egg filled with paint at the competitor of their choice while facing the other way. If they successfully struck the target, they received points, and the player with the more points won.

Erica had her TV series “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” debut in 2021. Erica and her companions made an appearance in season two and made a comeback in season three of 2022, joining her husband, Charles “Chuck” Sanders, their loved ones, and friends. In response to Erica and Chuck’s charter’s criticism of chef Marcos Spaziani’s cuisine, they left a $6500 tip. Chuck criticized the fact that the food the chef prepared tasted better than McDonald’s. 

Personal Life

She married Charles “Chuck” Sanders, whom she met in high school before beginning her reality TV career, on December 3, 2017, just three months after becoming engaged. Moreover, She is now known as Erica Rose Sanders.

Vienna Girardi, Tara Durr and her husband John Presser, Melissa Schreiber, Cory Shivar, Renee Simlak, AshLee Frazier Williams, Jeannette Pawula, and even Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the Bachelor on Erica’s season, were all present for Erica and Charles’ lavish wedding. Aspen Rose Sanders is the daughter of Erica and Charles. Moreover, Erica has a child named Holland Rose Sanders from a previous marriage.

Erica Rose Sanders’ Net Worth

Erica Rose Sanders’ net worth or income range is $1 million to $5 million. Her primary occupation as a reality star has brought her significant money. 

Furthermore, She also makes money from other businesses and her LLB profession.