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Gary Null is a famous and renowned radio host and author from the United States. The following article is for you if you’re eager to learn about US more fabulous radio hosts. In this article, you will learn his biography, age, career, family, personal life, education, height, weight, net worth, and more.


Gary Michael Null was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, on January 6, 1945. Gary Null is a well-known author and radio broadcaster from the United States. He promotes a variety of inefficient and pseudo-scientific alternatives to standard care.

Null has strong anti-vaccination beliefs and many other beliefs that the medical world seems to reject. Gary’s claims, however, appear to be primarily unacceptable.

In terms of academics, Gary attended Mountain State College after graduating high school. He continued his education by earning an associate’s degree in business administration. Gary also attended Thomas Edison State College, receiving a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition. He developed an interest in food while working part-time as a cook.

Gary received his Ph.D. degree from the Union Institute & University. The Ph.D. program specialized in human nutrition and public health.


Gary Null has completed numerous projects over his career. He has worked at the New School for Social Research and the New York Chiropractic College. Gary later appointed director of the Nutrition Institute of New York.

Gary also directs the Health and Nutrition Certificate Program. He is an HIV/AIDS corresponding author and keynote speaker for H1N1 Influenza Influenza Vaccination in 2009.

He has also made various radio and television programs. He’s done it as a nutrition educator, investigative reporter, environmentalist, and consumer champion. In 1980, he created the international radio show Natural Living with Gary Null on WHAI.

He took over as anchor of The Gary Null Show on the Progressive Radio Network in 2005. In 2009, He was known to deliver openly incorrect medical advice on his show, which was later discontinued.

Null has produced a few self-produced documentary films. Gary’s films mainly focus on development, public policy, and personal health. PBS broadcasted the documentary films. However, PBS was criticized for promoting Null’s pseudo-scientific claims. Gary’s film documentary Seeds of Death was released in 2012.

He became the writer, producer, and director of the film Provert Inc. in 2014.


He is the son of David and Mae Slutsky. Mark, Robert, and Joane are his siblings.

Moreover, There is not much information released on his life. His mother reportedly died due to a disorder known as HTR. Gary Null has committed his entire life to work and has never revealed anything about his personal life.

According to some online resources, he previously married Shelly Nul. However, it is unknown whether he is currently single. Shelly is a chef who has written several cookbooks. According to reports, he is the father of 4 kids.

Gary Michael Net Worth

As of June 2022, Gary Null’s net worth estimated at around $15 million. Gary has worked in a variety of professions and has written numerous books. He has produced multiple films and even hosted a radio show.

However, he has received criticism for his pseudo-medical beliefs. Gary is a talented individual who has received a Ph.D. degree. He has also received numerous awards and served at Farleigh Dickinson University.