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Greg Aiello Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Greg Aiello net worth

One name stands out as a great pioneer in the world of travel and exploration: Greg Aiello. Greg has grabbed the hearts of millions of adventure fans with his unstoppable curiosity and love for discovering the world’s hidden beauties. Now, he’s back with his exciting new television series, Nature Gone Wild, in which he takes viewers on an awe-inspiring trip across some of the world’s most spectacular and unexplored places.

Fans of actor Greg Aiello are curious to learn more about the actor’s life and biography. If you are one of his fans, this article will help you to learn more about him. The content will discuss his age, career, bio, professional life, family, marriage, relationships, net worth, education, fact, height, weight, and more.


Actor Greg Aiello is 40 years old. Greg Aiello, a travel agent and explorer, is back with his new television series, Nature Gone Wild. He leads his audience into wild, less-travelled nature.

Greg made his TV debut in 2007 with the action series Motion, and in 2017 he appeared in Outside alongside Greg Aiello.

Name Greg Aiello
Age 40 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TV personality
Parents Jeff Aiello (Brother)


Aiello Greg completed his high school education. Aiello Greg received professional cinematography and video/film production training throughout his 20s and early 30s; according to the New York Post, he performed promotional tasks at TV stations.


The Wikipedia page for the reality TV program Nature Gone Wild includes information about Greg Aiello. In the show, he looks more closely at nature, including natural disasters and animal attacks, according to the wiki. 

Additionally, various website has placed Greg’s brief bio as an actor. Aiello eventually concluded that it was not aiming for him. Because he had grown up in the mountains, he bravely decided to quit work and pursue his dream of becoming a mountain guide. He also travelled to the hills during a holiday or other occasions.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Aiello has been a senior writer-producer for WSMV for four years.

Later, he worked in the same capacity for KPHO-A Meredith Corporation and KFSN television. Greg was in charge of promotions and image campaigns for exclusive news reporting. After that, he began his new work as a guide, taking groups into California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, encouraging him to set out on his exploration career.

Personal Life

Greg Aiello is still single, but his Facebook relationship status indicates he is dating Heather Champoux.

The two of them first met on April 10, 2018. His girlfriend used to work as the marketing director for a software company. She is also the mother of three kids.

Greg Aiello needs to tie the knot and make his girlfriend his wife. Champoux shares most of Greg’s posts and those relating to him on her Facebook page, even though he does not frequently post about his partner.

Greg Aiello’s Net Worth

Greg Aiello will have accumulated a net worth of $200,000 in 2022. He must have made this much money from his current and prior work. 

Greg Aiello’s occupation as a travel agent, adventurer, and television personality has given him a lot of money. Greg’s many revenue streams, which include broadcast contracts, sponsorships, and book sales, add to his remarkable financial position.

Social Media Accounts

Greg Aiello keeps his fans engaged and updated through his vibrant presence on social media. You can follow his adventures, behind-the-scenes moments, and travel tips on the following platforms:

Instagram gregaiello_outside
Twitter Greg Aiello
Facebook Greg Aiello

Facts about Greg Aiello

  1. Greg Aiello has travelled to almost 50 countries, from the lush Amazon rainforests to the frigid expanses of Antarctica.
  2. He has a Geography degree, which has helped him grasp the complex dynamics of the world’s ecosystems.
  3. Greg is an ardent wildlife photographer whose work has appeared in major journals all around the world.
  4. He has won several awards for his exploration and adventure travel efforts.

Physical Characteristics

Greg Aiello is a tall guy with a tough and daring personality. He is 6 feet tall and has a well-built physique that reflects his active and outdoor lifestyle. His warm and pleasant temperament resonates with his audience due to his dark, tousled hair, piercing blue eyes, and welcoming grin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How did Greg Aiello start his career as an explorer?

A: Greg’s love for travel and adventure began young. He embarked on his first solo backpacking trip after graduating from college, and that experience ignited his passion for exploring the unknown. He documented his travels through a blog, which gained popularity and eventually led to opportunities in television and publishing.

Q: What can we expect from Greg Aiello’s new television series, Nature Gone Wild?

A: Nature Gone Wild takes viewers on a thrilling journey through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. Greg’s charismatic personality and extensive knowledge of the natural world make for an engaging and educational viewing experience. The series offers a unique perspective on our planet’s wonders, from encountering exotic wildlife to braving extreme weather conditions.

Q: How can I book a trip with Greg Aiello?

A: Greg Aiello operates his travel agency, specializing in adventure travel and off-the-beaten-path destinations. You can contact his agency through their official website or contact his team through the provided contact information on his social media platforms.


Greg Aiello’s constant sense of adventure and his ability to fascinate audiences with his exploration tales have positioned him as a significant personality in the tourism business. With his new television series, Nature Gone Wild, he urges people to step outside their comfort zones and experience the extraordinary beauty our world has to offer. As Greg Aiello bravely departs on his next adventures, we excitedly anticipate the wonders he will discover and the stories he will share with the globe. Join him on this exciting adventure and let your imagination fly.

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