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Jane Sanders’ Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki

Jane Sanders Net Worth


Mary Jane O’Meara Sanders is an American social worker, political activist, college administrator, and political strategist. She was born on January 3, 1950, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. Jane Sanders is currently married to Bernie Sanders, the Senator of the U.S.

Jane is famous for serving as the first lady of Burlington, Vermont, during her husband’s terms as mayor. She was born and raised in Brooklyn; she has four siblings. She has Irish descent and is Catholic by religion; Jane was a very devoted Catholic girl from her childhood.

Jane holds American nationality. Moreover, she is 5 feet and 5.2 inches tall and weighs around 82 kg. She completed her high school at Saint Savior High School, and for higher studies, she attended Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and got her Bachelor’s degree in Social work.

Jane is a political advisor and has worked as an administrator for different educational institutes. Moreover, Mary Jane Sander is the co-founder of the Sander Institute. She has a doctorate in leadership studies, politics, and education from Union Institute and University; her Ph.D. degree played a vital role in her career.

Jane Sanders


Birth Day October 8, 1950
Birth Place New York
Birth Sign Libra


Jane Sander started working with the Police Department of Burlington, Vermont as a youth counselor in the 1970s. She served as a community organizer in the same decade. After that, she started working with AmeriCorps VISTA.

In 1981, Jane worked as a volunteer in the mayoral campaign of Bernie Sanders; during the same year, she was appointed as the director of the youth services in the City of Burlington. She worked as the head of the department until 1991, where she created programs geared toward youth.

Jane was also active in the K-12 education program and served as a School Board Commissioner during this time. When everything went well, she was declared the founding member of the Women’s Council & the Film Commission.

In 1991, after her husband, Bernie Sanders won the election and was elected as the congressman, Jane started working as a volunteer in his office; later, she began working as a policy advisor, and then she took the place of chief of staff and served as press secretary for her husband’s congressional office. She worked in her husband’s office until 1995.

Jane Sender got her Ph.D. and was elected as the provost and interim president of Goddard College in 1996; she helped the institute improve its finance, governance, and accreditation problems.

In 1997, Jane Sanders was appointed at Leadership Strategies and served as a media and political consultant. She
served at Leadership Strategies until 2004.

While in 2004, she was appointed as the president of Burlington College until 2011. Jane and her son, David Driscoll, founded the Senders Institute, a non-profitable think tank, in 2017. In March 2019, the institute announced that it would stop accepting donations due to her husband’s political campaign.

Jane Sanders has also served as a substitute Commissioner for the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission.

Jane Sanders’ Net Worth

Mary Jane Senders generated her wealth from the various essential positions she held. She is one of the wealthiest social workers. She has an estimated net worth of approximately $4 to $7 Million, and being a political and media consultant is her primary income source.

Jane worked in several fields, including education and real estate, and earns from various business ventures, she and her husband own. Jane Sanders has served as a board member for several organizations and institutes like the Peace Institute and the Sanders Institute, which made a more incremental profit in her income.

Jane Sanders

Personal & Family Life

Mary Jane O’Meara Sanders was born into a Catholic family; she was one of her parents’ five children. Her father was Bernadette Joan (Sheridan), and her mother named Benedict P. O’Meara. Jane was only two years old when her father broke his hip; her father was not well-off and could not afford medical help.

Jane’s father stated to have struggles with his health, which started from a severe blood infection. Jane saw her family struggling in her childhood. Her mother worked hard all day long. She was taught that life is much more challenging without money.

She got married two times in her life, she had three children from her first husband, and the couple eventually divorced each other in 1980.

Jane got enrolled at the University of Tennessee after completing high school. She dropped out and moved to Brooklyn with her husband, Dave Driscoll, her high school sweetheart. She moved to Vermont because Dave’s employer transferred him, he used to travel a lot to make his fortune, and Jane used to be left alone with her two daughters and a son named Heather Titus, Carina Driscoll, and David Driscoll.

During this time, they started to have clashes, which led them to separation, and eventually, the couple separated their paths in 1980. After the divorce, Jane decided to make her career and pursue her studies. In 1981, 10 days before Bernie Sanders’s mayoral election, Jane saw Bernie for the first time at the debate.

Jane Sanders

Jane stated that she fell in love with his ideas, their eyes met, and soon they started dating and danced together at Bernie’s victory party. 1988 the couple tied the knot again after almost eight years of relationship. She also supported her husband throughout his career.

Jane has worked as a chief of staff and press secretary and volunteered for her husband’s political campaign. The couple never had their biological children together, so they blended both families. Now they have a family of 5 children and seven grandkids.

Jane has three children of her own; Bernie has a son Levi from his ex-girlfriend, and a son of Jane’s ex-husband Nicole, who she added to their family. Jane Sender is a strong, independent woman who is devoted to her husband and loving to her kids; she managed her house and career life together without messing up.

Jane Sanders