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Neetu Bisht Net Worth – Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki

Neetu Bisht

Neetu Bisht is an Indian social media influencer, model, and an actress. She has gained her fan following through Tik-Tok platform. 

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Neetu Bisht was born on 16 December 1997 in Uttarakhand, India. Her father is Pratap Bisht and mother is Mohini Bisht. She has done her coaching from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarvodya School in New Delhi. After completing her education, she graduated from Delhi College. She developed a passion for acting and desired to become an actress during her school days.


After completing her college education, Neetu Bisht explored into her passion for internet videos, eventually finding her niche on TikTok. Her engaging content and charisma drove her to immense popularity on the platform. However, with the ban on TikTok in India, she expertly turned her career focus to Instagram. There, she continued captivating audiences, quickly building a significant following of over 1.5 million within a span of two years.

Neetu Bisht’s versatility and adaptability became evident as she expanded her collection. Embracing modeling opportunities and showcasing her talent in creating engaging reels across various social media platforms, she further solidified her presence in the digital entertainment domain.

In an offer to increase her reach and offer diverse content, Neetu Bisht took a leap into YouTube. Establishing her channel in October 2022, her adeptness in connecting with her audience was evident as she amassed an impressive subscriber count of over 2 lakh within less than a year. Her channel showcases her acting skills, providing a platform for her to exhibit her talent and gather millions of views on her videos.

Neetu’s journey to success was marked by considerable challenges, notably the loss of her father at a tender age. Her mother’s unwavering dedication to ensuring her children’s education and well-being became a driving force for Neetu. Motivated by her family’s struggles and inspired by her mother’s sacrifices, she was fueled by a relentless determination to succeed. This determination ultimately drove her towards social media as a platform to shape out a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Neetu Bisht Net Worth

Neetu Bisht has an impressive net worth of approximately 30 Crores, earning around 1.5-2 lakhs monthly from various sources such as advertisements, promotions, modeling, song albums, and social media platforms. She remains active on YouTube, collaborating with family members to create content, showcasing her acting skills, and attracting millions of viewers to her videos.


Neetu Bisht’s journey exemplifies spirit and determination in overcoming hardships. From a challenging upbringing to achieving stardom on social media platforms, she continues to captivate audiences and grow her career in the entertainment industry.