Rick Heidner – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Rick Heidner is a successful businessman from the United States. If you love to have a piece of knowledge on games and their founder, then you are in the precise right corner. He is the inventor of Gold Rush Gaming. in the following article; we will discuss his age, business, biography, net worth, personal life, family, career, and more.


According to some online resources, Rick Heidner is between 50- 55. Rick Heidner is a famous businessman in the United States. Gold Rush Gaming launched by himself. Rick Heidner loves to have information about games from his childhood. Rick has made a reputation in the business world through his various projects. He is a source of inspiration for many people across the world.


When it comes to gaming, Gold Rush is a full-service Licensed Terminal Operator. They are experts in video gaming. Similarly, Gold Rush Gaming officially launched in 2012. It has acquired a significant fan base since its launch.

It has appeared as one of the most renowned and desired Terminal Operators. They offer unequaled dedication and demonstrated gaming knowledge. Furthermore, they have approximately 600 locations around the state.

To return to Rick, people of all ages admire him and want to learn from him. Rick Heidner inspired thousands of people all around the world.

Fans are curious to learn more about him because of his popularity. So, there you have it: all you need to know about Rick Heidner.

Personal Life

Rick Heidner’s wife’s name is Alisa Heidner. Rick hasn’t revealed much about his son and family because he leads a simple life. Similarly, Rick does not appear to be engaged on social media, making it more challenging to learn about him.

Rick Heidner and Alisa Heidner are well-known as successful and experienced business owners. Throughout, they have over 40 years of experience. Heidner Properties was their first joint project. Heidner Properties is a Real Estate Development Group that manages and owns around 200 properties throughout the United States.

Following the success of Heidner properties, they established ‘Gold Rush Gaming’ in 2012. Rick Heidner and Alisa have made different charity contributions to The Anthony Rizzo Foundation and Shelter Inc.

Rick Heidner’s Net Worth

Unfortunately, Rick Heidner’s Net Worth still needs to be discovered. But according to some online sites, his net worth lies between $10 – $20 million.

All of his source of income is not available on the internet. ‘Gold Rush Gaming’ and his investment in property business consider Heidner’s leading source of income.