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Robert Benevides’ Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Robert Benevides Net Worth

Since childhood, Robert Benevides was an actor, famous Hollywood writer, producer and visual artist.


Robert Benevides‘s birth date is 9 February 1930; he was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. He attended Los Angeles City College before building his career. Robert is 93 years old, holds American nationality, belongs to white ethnic culture, and follows Christianity. His height is around five feet, and his weight is about 56 kg.

However, more information is needed about his education on social media as Robert is a private person. He didn’t disclose any personal information about his early life, education or family details on social platforms, and it’s unclear where Robert went to school.

Full Name Robert Benevides
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1930/2/9
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Visalia, California, United States
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Male

Robert Benevides


Although Robert developed his career in the Hollywood industry at a young age, Robert began his career as an actor and talent agent in several movies and TV shows. He debuted his initials in the 1960s and 1970s as an actor, including Juke Box, Iron Side in 1967, the Outer Limits in 1963, and The Bold Ones in 1969.

Robert also debuted in the Television series “The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin” and “The Loretta Young Show”. Robert began his career as a producer in 1960 with Raymond Burr, who owns a production company. He started as a co-founder and creative consultant at Harbour UTV Production Company of legendary actor Raymond Burr.

In addition, Robert also partnered with his partner Raymond burr in an orchid business and vineyard located in dry creek valley, California. Robert is serving philanthropy and Animal supporting organizations, which take care of animals and benefit them.

Although Robert is well known for his masterpiece production of the Television series “Murder she wrote” and “Perry Mason”, which is an American drama series originally broadcast on CBS television Perry Mason gained a lot of fame and aired back to back nine seasons from 1957 to 1966.

Raymond Burr made his debut in four seasons as a lead role in the drama series; later, Robert Benevides replaced Raymond Burr and appeared in the second episode of the fifth season of Perry Mason.

Robert Benevides as A Lead in Tv Series “perry Mason”

Raymond Burr as A Lead in Tv Series “perry Mason”

Longtime Companion with Raymond Burr

Raymond Burr (Late) was a popular Hollywood actor and producer. Robert met Raymond in the early 1950s during a legendary “Perry Mason” program. They both became longtime partners and started living together. Later, Robert Benevides became Raymond’s business partner in his production company.

Robert produced television series, including “Perry Mason” and “Ironside”, in which Raymond debuted in the series from 1967 to 1975. Robert produced various TV projects for Raymond. Raymond and Benevides were business partners for over 30 years, and their friendship remained strong.

In 1993 Raymond Burr passed away due to cancer in the kidney; Robert took over the entire production company. Raymond nominated Robert in his will for all the property Raymond had will give Benevides, including jewellery production company works of art, and some personal stuff after his death.

After Raymond’s death, Benevides decided to name the orchid vineyard as a memorial to his long-term partner, It was called Raymond Burrs Winery.

Robert Benevides with Beloved Friend and Late Business Partner Raymond Burr

What is Robert Benevides’ Net Worth?

Robert Benevides’s Net worth, estimated according to his portfolio, is approximately $6 million from being a retired actor and owner of different properties. However, his business partner Raymond burr (Late) had a net worth of about $15 million, now owned by Robert.

Robert Benevides earned the amount with his acting and producing career. Now, at the age of 93, he’s still earning through his Orchid and Vineyard business, the properties which he had, as well as all those properties and businesses which were also given to him by Raymond Burr, including Harbour Production Company.

Robert’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, yet he prefers not to talk about much on social platforms and chooses to be secretive about his personal and professional lifestyle. It is plausible to assume with an exact figure that he has made a substantial throughout his career.

Marriage, Relationship, and Children

Robert Benevides had a long-term relationship with Raymond Burr. They met each other in 1950, and both were Partners for over 35 years. However, Robert Benevides was a homosexual, he had a physical relationship with Raymond, but they never officially married because it was not easy to be a gay in the early 1950s.

Robert Benevides and Raymond Burr started their relationship with friendship later; they grew intimately after discovering they had a common interest. They considered themselves married and used “Husbands” to call each other. Since Raymond’s death, his relationship status has been unknown.

Robert Benevides didn’t have any biological children. Still, Raymond Burr adopted two foster children, Michael and Erin, in 1960, while after his death, Robert Benevides played an important role in raising both the adopted kids.

Moreover, Robert Benevides married a woman named Martin Fried previously. Still, there needs to be more information about their marriage or children, as Robert didn’t like sharing personal information about himself or his family. Robert Benevides has no social account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where any of his fans get his personal information.