Andrew Torba – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

If you are a lover of social networking platforms, this article will help you find a new platform, “GAB.” Andrew Torba founded this networking service. The following content will discuss Andrew’s age, biography, career, family, wife, children, net worth, and much more.


Andrew is the inventor of the social networking platform Gab. He is 35 years old. Gab is a social network similar to Facebook and Twitter.

However, he is living a luxurious life because of his successful business. According to public sources, his annual income is in the billions of dollars. We shall go over his earnings or salary in detail.


Unfortunately, there is little information about Andrew Torba on the internet, although his business website includes a wiki page. Andrew was previously the CEO of Kuhcoon. kuchoon is an online advertisemnet platform. He was also a Y Combinator alumni. He was expelled from the alumni network in 2016.

However, according to Gab Wikipedia, Andrew publicly launched Gab in May 2017. He is a persistent workaholic. Regarding his educational background, Andrew graduated from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, United States.


Gab is a far-right microblogging and social networking website in the United States. Gab has attracted people and groups banned from other social media platforms and users looking for alternatives to major social media platforms. According to its website, Gab promotes free speech, individual liberty, the “open flow of information online,” and Christian principles. Researchers and media have regarded these claims as obstruction of its radical ecosystem. Gab was founded in 2016 and decided to go public in May 2017. Gab is from Pennsylvania.

Gab’s functioning is similar to Twitter’s. Gab users can create posts, start private chats, join groups, Livestream, and make purchases. In addition, the company operates an email service, a text messaging service, a community news website, an advertising platform, a web browser, and a browser extension that allows users to comment on third-party websites. Gab converted its software system to a Mastodon fork, a free and open-source social network platform, in July 2019.


Regarding Andrew’s family information, Andrew’s father and mother’s names are Robert and Amy, respectively.

He is married, although there is no information on his wedding day or location. Andrew Torba, a handsome man, is married to Emily, a beautiful woman.

However, he only discusses topics that are relevant to the general population. We can check his wedding photos on the internet.

During the pandemic, he was undoubtedly having a great time with his parents and children.


However, Andrew’s current net worth or annual salary has not yet been officially available on the internet. Meanwhile, Andrew Torba will be the first conservative social-media billionaire, with $20 million in Gab shares. As a CEO, his company’s cash flow is millions of dollars.

Andrews’s leading source of income is his social networking platform. He will be more successful and will be a billionaire in the coming days like Mark Zuckerberg.