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Toxey Haas – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

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This content is about Toxey Haas, a conservationist, entrepreneur, and businessman. Look at his brief details to learn more about the great businessman Toxey Haas. In this, We will discuss his age, biography, Education, wife, children, early life, career, net worth, achievements, etc.


Toxey Daniel Haas is an American businessman and conservationist born on January 21, 1960. He established Haas Outdoors, Inc. in 1986 and is currently CEO.

Name Toxey Haas
Born 1960 (age 63 years), West Point, MS
Spouse Diane Lusk Haas
Education Mississippi State University
Siblings Shirley Haas
Organization Mossy Oak
Net Worth $30 million

Early life And Education

Haas grew up and attended the school at Oak Hill Academy in West Point, Mississippi, where he was born and raised. He started hunting with his father, Fox, at Choctaw Bluff, a hunting lodge close to Mobile, Alabama. A tree greatly influenced Haas’ business career favorite hunting location, the Mossy Oak tree. He continued his Education at Mississippi State University after receiving a diploma in 1976. He graduated from Mississippi State with a bachelor’s in business administration and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.


Haas came up with a solution to enhance the traditional hunting camouflage. Haas pursued his first camouflage pattern after finding inspiration in the dirt, twigs, and leaves. After numerous rejections, Crystal Springs Print Works in Georgia finally agreed to print his pattern. They required a minimum of 10,000 yards, but he could only afford 800. Haas was able to persuade them to take a chance.

Haas formally resigned from his Bryan position to pursue his entrepreneurial goals and partnered with his friend Bill Sugg. Toxey Haas established Haas Outdoors, Inc. in 1986, which serves as the parent company of Mossy Oak Brand Camouflage. Haas’ mother created the initial Mossy Oak clothing in the house where he was raised.

In 1999, Haas and his friend Chris Hawley founded Mossy Oak Properties, a real estate firm.

Grant Woods, a wildlife biologist, and Haas founded BioLogic together in 1999. The headquarters of BioLogic is in West Point. Nativ Nurseries, established in 2007, has its headquarters in West Point and grows and sells trees for landowners.

Personal Life

Fox is his father’s name. The mother’s name is still unknown. He hasn’t provided any details about his family or relations. Haas married Diane Lusk, and the couple relocated to West Point. He started working for Sara Lee’s Bryan Foods division. Concerning his children, Haas has a daughter who goes by the name of Sara Frances Haas. Sara is incredibly proud that her father is such a successful businessman.


  • Person of the Year for Small Businesses in Mississippi (1989)
  • Hall of Fame at West Point (1999)
  • The “Corporate Vision Award” from Catch-A-Dream (2004)
  • Hall of Fame for Outdoor Legends (2009)
  • Conservation Hero of Ducks Unlimited (2009)
  • An alumnus of the YearYear for the College of Business at Mississippi State University (2017)
  • Award for Lifetime Achievement in Conservation from the National Wild Turkey Federation (2022)

Toxey Haas Net Worth

Some sources estimate Toxey Haas’s net worth of $30 million. Furthermore, it is not his actual net worth. He earns from his business of clothes. He might have some other source of income that has yet to be public.

Physical Characteristics

Toxey Haas, a well-known naturalist, entrepreneur, and businessman, exudes a commanding presence that shows his strong connection to nature. He stands six feet tall, with a strong frame and a friendly grin, conveying confidence and drive. Toxey’s tough look frequently demonstrates his passion for the outdoors, whether by his clothing or how he conducts himself.

Facts about Toxey Haas

  • Toxey Haas founded Haas Outdoors, Inc., a premier outdoor lifestyle firm that owns and runs well-known brands, including Mossy Oak and BioLogic.
  • He developed a commercial empire emphasizing conservation and the outdoor sector that has left an indelible effect on the hunting and outdoor world.
  • Toxey Haas’ passion for the outdoors and wildlife runs deep in his veins. He has committed his life to preserving and protecting the environment, ensuring that future generations can experience the marvels of nature.
  • Toxey has contributed substantially to animal conservation programs through his leadership at Mossy Oak and his charity endeavours.
  • Toxey Haas’ developing concealed designs transformed the hunting business. He recognized the need for improved camouflage in the field, so he created the Mossy Oak brand, which provides hunters with efficient designs that fit in with various natural surroundings.
  • Mossy Oak has become a household brand among outdoor lovers because of Toxey’s dedication to authenticity and attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toxey Haas

Q: How did Toxey Haas start his career in the outdoor industry?

A: Toxey Haas grew up with a deep passion for hunting and nature. In 1986, he founded Mossy Oak, a camouflage company that quickly gained popularity for its innovative designs. From there, Toxey expanded his endeavors and established Haas Outdoors, Inc., encompassing various outdoor lifestyle brands.

Q: What is Toxey Haas’s role in conservation efforts?

A: Toxey Haas is actively involved in numerous conservation initiatives. Through Mossy Oak’s conservation arm, Mossy Oak Conservation, he collaborates with organizations and individuals to promote wildlife habitat improvement, land stewardship, and education. Toxey’s commitment to conservation has earned him recognition and respect within the outdoor community.

Q: Can you provide an overview of Haas Outdoors, Inc.?

A: Haas Outdoors, Inc. is a prominent company in the outdoor industry. Founded by Toxey Haas, the company owns and operates several renowned brands, including Mossy Oak, known for its camouflage products, and BioLogic, specializing in premium wildlife management solutions. Haas Outdoors, Inc. has combined business entrepreneurship with a genuine love for the outdoors.


Toxey Haas has made an indelible mark as an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and businessman. His visionary leadership and inventive contributions to the hunting and outdoor industries have made an enduring impact. Toxey’s intense love of nature and wildlife encourages people to respect and safeguard the environment. His impact as the creator of Haas Outdoors, Inc. goes far and wide, connecting people with the marvels of the great outdoors. Toxey Haas is a great visionary who has committed his life to environmental preservation, making a lasting effect on the world around him.