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Becky Hillyard Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

becky hillyard net worth

Becky Hillyard is a famous fashion design blogger. She runs a firm where she promotes new endeavors and her design tastes. You can learn more about how she was motivated to become a designer in the designing strategy, including details on her age, biography, husband, kids, work, net worth, facts, family, and more.


The popular blogger Cella Jane resides in Kansas City and is 33 years old. She has more than 100,000 followers, most female, who follow her as she discusses motherhood, DIY, fitness, and fashion. She shares updates on her favourite outfits, stylish finds, and must-have trends on her blog. Becky’s brand has expanded into a personal style, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and how she manages to be a successful mother as her writing has progressed.

According to Becky, Cella Jane is the place to go if you want to stay current with fashion and find out where to acquire fantastic pieces. “The average mom, woman, or college-age female are my viewers or followers.

Social media has created many new opportunities in the past ten years for business owners, individuals who want to share their thoughts, and people who want to turn a hobby into a rewarding career like Becky’s. The 33-year-old has developed her own social media cyclone, with women reading and learning about her style in less than three years.


Name Becky Hillyard
Nationality American
Husband Michael Hillyard
Profession Fashion Blogger
Children 02
Instagram @cellajaneblog
Twitter @rebeccahillyard
Ethnicity White

Early Life, Education, and Family

She was born and raised in South Dakota and later earned a psychology degree with a business minor from the University of Nebraska. While residing in Omaha, she fell in love and married Michael. Michael moved to Kansas City because of his work in the laundry textile industry, which included servicing hotels, hospitals, and huge industrial laundries. They decided to occupy it as their house. And after working for six years, he has yet to do the laundry at home.

Becky started working in marketing after graduating from college, concentrating on social media for various businesses. After seeing the publicity, she began considering how to use blogging to convey her experiences. Becky loved fitness and fashion. Becky started blogging about her daily habits, including what She wore and ate. It developed into a company from a hobby, and She began focusing more on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blogging.

Latest Style Icon

Despite having followers nationwide, Becky claims that her Kansas City (KC) fans are devoted and encouraging. She receives a lot of support from them when she participates in online discussions or shares her blog with others. Last year, she was recognized as a national digital influencer and blogger by InStyle Magazine for advising women on fashion, style, fitness, and motherhood. “Social media is such an important part of our life. She stated that I could change people’s decisions and their styles with it. “For instance, I’ll broadcast my skincare and cosmetics routine on Snapchat. I enjoy taking care of my skin and recommending effective items.

According to Becky, Cella Jane’s success results from emphasizing wearable fashion.

She is aware of the financial limitations that her readers and viewers suffer. Becky won’t highlight pricey products that are unaffordable for most women. She maintains her lifestyle, which others can easily follow, regardless of her immense success. “Everything on my website has been hand-selected by me. I’ll document it with pictures or film. When that happens, she said people would approach and inquire about how it fits and what it goes with. “I’ve been there to answer those questions for them.”

Using Resources to Reach Goals

She displays lovely clothing, but her success goes far beyond that. Becky is a really intelligent businesswoman whose strategic business approach is centered on using all her social media resources to help her achieve her goals and objectives. She uses social media to promote her blog. Becky discovers that Instagram gives her access to a huge audience. She shares a live video of something she is wearing on Snapchat. Becky shares family photos as well. She uses links to increase sales of the numerous goods she promotes.

Becky collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known fashion labels and reached out to her due to her success.

She was featured in one of her favorite campaigns on the Kate Spade website. Additionally, she frequently collaborates with Nike. With all the information on her social media, Becky believes persistence and desire to be exposed to the public are the keys to success. It requires a lot of work and will take time to happen. It would be best to learn, to do it independently, do it subsequently, and then apply it.

Becky Hillyard Net Worth

She gets most of her income through her profiles on social media. The estimated net worth ranges from $800,000 to $100,000.