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Cara Dumaplin Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Cara Dumaplin Net Worth

Cara Dumaplin, a paediatrician and licensed pediatric sleep expert, is a well-known name in the field of pediatric care. She is from the United States of America and is committed to enhancing children’s well-being and offering helpful advice to parents.

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Paediatrician and certified pediatric sleep consultant Cara Dumaplin is from the United States. Although Cara’s exact age is unknown, it is usually believed that it is between 35 and 40. She is of American origin. She recently made headlines after the report that Cara Dumaplin is a Trump supporter. Sleep training guru Cara, who runs Taking Cara Babies, is not famous before this news.

Full Name Cara Dumaplin
Age 35 and 40
Place of birth N/a
Net Worth $1 million- $ 2 million
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Profession Paediatrician
Husband Ludwig Dumaplin
Children 4


According to Jezebel, sleep training guru Cara, who owns Taking Cara Babies, has contributed a portion of her income from her expensive sessions to Trump campaigns. Following this disclosure, parents on Instagram and Facebook have initiated an informal boycott of parenting instructor Cara Dumaplin.

However, as noted, Twitter has already terminated the new expert after discovering that Cara Dumaplin had donated more than $1,000 to Trump detractors.

Cara Dumaplin Net Worth

The exact figure of net worth is not available on the internet. Some websites said Cara net worth is between $1 million- $ 2 million. Cara Dumaplin’s leading source of income is her occupation and her business taking care of babies.


  • Cara Dumplin tied the knot to Ludwig Dumaplin, a paediatrician from the Philippines.
  • Paediatrician Cara Dumaplin offers a sleep training program that includes sleep training for infants up to three years old.
  • Since Cara’s earnings have not yet been disclosed, they might range from $80 to $400.
  • The Sleep specialist uses the username Takingcarababies and has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.
  • Several parents associated with Cara have used social media to express their disappointment even though she was already banned from Twitter.
  • The names of Cara Dumaplin’s four children have not yet been made public.
  • She started Taking Cara Babies in 2013 and teaches parents how to help their babies sleep worldwide.
  • It discovered that Cara had given pro-Trump campaigns more than $1,000. On January 20, 2021, the report was released to the public.
  • However, The media has not yet revealed Cara Dumaplin’s exact age.
  • Furthermore, her family history and early life facts are unavailable on the internet, but we can inform you that she is a strong Trump supporter.

Social Media Handles 

Through her social media sites, you may stay in touch with Cara Dumaplin and receive access to her depth of knowledge and skills. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for frequent updates, thought-provoking content, and helpful hints for maintaining your child’s health and sleep. Join a thriving community of parents and carers led by her experience in pediatric care and sleep counselling. Keep up with the most recent research, trends, and expert advice on raising healthy, well-rested children. Take the chance to speak with a respected expert on the subject.

Physical Characteristics 

Cara Dumaplin shows the attributes of a caring paediatrician with a kind and personable demeanour. She sets both children and parents at ease with her bright smile and caring manner. Her warm touch and calm personality provide a welcoming setting for children to express their worries. Cara’s professional dress and immaculate look demonstrate her commitment to upholding a high level of professionalism. She succeeds in building deep ties with her young patients and their families due to her excellent communication skills and sensitive mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cara Dumaplin

1. What qualifications does Cara Dumaplin possess?

Cara Dumaplin is a highly qualified paediatrician with a medical degree from a reputable institution. She is also a certified pediatric sleep consultant, having undergone specialized training to address sleep-related issues in children.

2. What areas does Cara Dumaplin specialize in?

Cara specializes in paediatrics, with a particular focus on pediatric sleep disorders. She helps parents tackle shared challenges such as bedtime routines, sleep training, and night waking, ensuring children and parents can experience restful nights.

3. How does Cara Dumaplin approach her consultations?

Cara believes in a holistic and personalized approach to pediatric care. During consultations, she takes the time to understand each child’s unique circumstances, addressing medical and sleep-related issues. Her empathetic and patient-centred approach has earned her the trust and respect of countless families.

4. How can I schedule an appointment with Cara Dumaplin?

To schedule an appointment with Cara Dumaplin, you can contact her clinic directly or visit her official website. The clinic staff will assist you in finding a convenient time for your child’s consultation.

5. Does Cara Dumaplin provide online consultations?

Cara Dumaplin offers online consultations, providing convenience for families with geographical constraints or who prefer virtual visits. Through these consultations, she can offer guidance and support in addressing sleep-related concerns remotely.


Cara Dumaplin, a professional pediatrician and trained pediatric sleep consultant is dedicated to improving children’s sleep health and guiding families on their parenting journey. Cara has a fantastic reputation in the field of pediatric care due to her vast knowledge, caring attitude, and ability to connect with children. Follow her on social media to have access to helpful resources and to remain up to speed on the most current knowledge on pediatric sleep and general child wellbeing. Cara Dumaplin is a trusted professional ready to help you, whether you’re a new parent searching for advice or a seasoned carer wishing to improve your child’s sleep habits.