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Darren Bailey Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Darren Bailey Net Worth

Darren Bailey is one of the famous American politicians. He is popular as a Republican senator from Illinois’ 55th congressional district. Bailey is a distinctive figure in the political environment due to his provocative opinions and firm conservative position.

In this detailed biography, we dive into his early life, education, career, personal life, and other lesser-known facts about this powerful position. In addition, we explore Darren’s net worth and physical attributes and answer some commonly asked questions to present an in-depth overview of Darren Bailey’s life and political career.


Darren Baily was born in Louisville, Illinois, on March 17, 1966. He attended Lake Land College and earned an Associate of Science in Agricultural Production after graduating from North Clay High School. Faith, family, and farming have always remained central to his and his wife Cindy’s life.

In 2016, they founded Full Armour Christian Academy, a preschool through grade 12 institution that allows parents to provide a Christ-centered education for their children while maintaining the family farm. Darren served on the North Clay Unit 25 Board of Education in Louisville for 17 years, including 12 years as President, contributing many hours to improving education in Illinois.

Name Darren Bailey
First Name David
Last Name Boucher
Occupation Farmer
Birthday March 17
Birth Year 1966
Place of Birth Louisville
Home Town Kentucky
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign Pisces
Spouse Cindy Stortzum (M. 1986)
Children(s) Not Available

Early Life and Education

Darren Bailey spent his childhood in Louisville, where he faced the judgments and hardships of country life. He attended North Clay High School before continuing his studies at Southeastern Illinois College. He got a degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Southern Illinois University.

Darren Bailey Political Career

In the 2018 Republican primary, he beat David Reis, giving Liberty Principles PAC-backed candidates a rare victory. Darren Bailey defeated Cynthia Given, a candidate for the Richland County Democratic Party, by a vote of 76.14 percent to 23.86 percent.

The 109th district, located in the Illinois Wabash Valley at the time, encompassed the full counties of Edwards, Jasper, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, White, and a piece of Effingham and Lawrence. On July 8, 2019, Bailey stated his intention to run for the Illinois Senate seat being vacated by Dale Righter.

Bailey’s Campaign

On February 22, 2021, Bailey launched his submission for governor of Illinois in the 2022 general election. Bailey announced on December 13, 2021, that former WLS-AM 890 talk show host Stephanie Trussell would be his consecutively mate for lieutenant governor.

A committee member

Bailey currently serves on the following committees: Agriculture (Minority Spokesperson); Education; Energy and Public Utilities; Health; Higher Education; Labour; Public Health Subcommittee; App- Agriculture, Envir. & Energy; App- Higher Education; App- Human Services; App- Personnel and Procurement; Redistricting- E Central & SE IL.

Pro-Life Supporter

Darren is a genuine Christian who will always advocate for the rights of the unborn. As a pro-life state lawmaker, Darren voted against Illinois’ radical makeover and expansion of abortion access. Darren is opposed to government funding of abortions. As a governor, he will continue to defend innocent lives.

Prominent Gun Rights Advocate

Darren staunchly supports the Second Amendment and the legal right to keep and bear arms. In the Illinois State Senate, Darren voted against comprehensive gun control measures. Darren is an activist for gun rights from Illinois. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association, the Illinois State Rifle Association, and Guns Save Lives. As a governor, he will continue to defend the Second Amendment.


Darren is thoughtful about saving money and appreciates the worth of every dollar. Raising taxes is not a sustainable answer for a state with among the highest tax burdens in the country because it punishes hardworking Illinois residents. Darren has battled against tax increases and excessive spending in the state legislature while advocating for more business-friendly policies. As a governor, he plans to reduce income taxes as well as property taxes.

Darren Bailey’s Personal Life

Darren is married; his spouse is Cindy, who is 35 years old. They live on Bailey Family Farm near Louisville. They are the proud grandparents of eleven grandchildren and the parents of four married children. Cindy and Darren attend Crossroads Church in Effingham.

Darren is a proud third-generation farmer who grew up in Louisville. Growing up on the Bailey Family Farm, Darren learned everything at a young age what it meant to work hard and earn a decent living. Darren and his children today own and operate Bailey Family Farm. He cultivates maize, wheat, and soybeans, continuing one of America’s oldest occupations.

Darren Bailey’s Net Worth

According to the sources, Darren Bailey has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. His farming activities and investments have contributed significantly to his financial success as a businessman and farmer.

Facts about Darren Bailey

  1. Bailey firmly supports the Second Amendment and has continuously campaigned for gun rights.
  2. In 2020, he gathered national notoriety when he sued the governor of Illinois over COVID-19 limits, claiming that they invaded individual rights.
  3. Bailey Darren is a member of several traditional organizations, including the Illinois Farm Bureau and the National Rifle Association.
  4. He strongly advocates for traditional family values and has spoken out against regulations that harm these values.
  5. Bailey’s political speech often matches far-right views, causing intense arguments and polarization among constituents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Darren Bailey

Q: What are Darren Bailey’s political beliefs?

A: Darren Bailey identifies as a far-right conservative focusing on limited government, lower taxes, and traditional social values.

Q: Has Bailey held other political positions before becoming a senator?

A: Before being elected as a senator, Bailey competed for the Illinois House of Representatives in 2018 but was unsuccessful.

Q: What led to Bailey’s lawsuit against the Illinois governor?

A: Bailey filed a lawsuit against the governor because he disagreed with the COVID-19 restrictions, arguing that they invaded individual rights.

Q: How does Bailey’s stand on gun rights align with his political beliefs?

A: Bailey firmly supports the Second Amendment and believes in protecting citizens’ right to bear arms, which aligns with his traditional values.

Q: Has Bailey faced any controversies during his political career?

A: Bailey’s outspoken far-right views have attracted both support and controversy, particularly surrounding his aggressive approach to political discourse.

Physical Characteristics

Darren Bailey is a Caucasian man with a well-built physique and a height of about 6 feet. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and an ideally-kept beard. Bailey Darren usually portrays himself professionally, preferring formal dress while carrying out his political obligations.

What Is He Up to These Days?

Darren was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2018 and represented the 109th district. He fought against tax rises, excessive spending, and legislation establishing sanctuary states. Darren has spent his whole life working in agriculture as the senior Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee and the current 55th district representative in the Illinois State Senate. As a State Senator, Darren opposes collecting a legislative pension and prioritizes tax relief for low-income Illinoisans.

Darren has always been an outspoken promoter of his hometown’s agricultural history. He is a member of the Louisville Rotary Club. Darren is a Future Farmers of America graduate and a Farm Bureau member for life. Darren enjoys being outside and is an Illinois State Rifle Association member. He is a loyal supporter of the Second Amendment.

Darren and his wife founded a Christian preschool through grade 12 school in southern Illinois, and he understands the importance of a vital education. As a member of the Illinois State Senate’s Education Committee, he is now working to address the state’s education budget shortages. He plans to fight for intelligent education reforms, prioritizing our children as governor.