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Hasim Rahman – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Hasim Rahman Net Worth

Hasim Rahman: A Remarkable Journey from Hardship to Boxing Glory

A professional boxer from the United States named Hasim Rahman Jr. received widespread recognition after agreeing to compete against Jake Paul. On August 6, pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden, he took Tommy Fury’s place to face Jake Paul. However, he also withdrew from the match due to weight differences. Hasim has fought in around 100 amateur fights and 13 professional fights.

Explore the given article for more information on his biography and career achievements. The article will further include his age, date of birth, biography, career, early life, family, wife, children, achievements, net worth, facts, and more.


Hasim Rahman is a former professional boxer from the United States who greatly affected the sport throughout his career. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 7, 1972. He was fasting throughout Ramadan because he practiced Islam when he faced Lennox Lewis.

Rahman became famous in the late 1990s and early 2000s, becoming the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion. His incredible path from a difficult childhood to boxing greatness has made him an inspirational figure for many.

Full Name Hasim Rahman
First Name Hasim
Last Name Rahman
Nick Name Hasim
Date of Birth November 7, 1972
Age 53 years old
Profession Boxer
Birthplace Maryland
Country United States
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Hair Color Under Review
Eye Color Under Review
Weight 129 Kg
Height 6 ft 2 1⁄2 inches

Early Life

Hasim Rahman’s childhood was plagued by adversity and strife. He was introduced to the appeal of street life while growing up in Baltimore, where he experienced the rigors of a harsh neighborhood. Despite these challenges, Rahman found peace and discipline in boxing. He started training at a nearby gym, channeling his passion and dedication into improving his fighting abilities.


While Rahman’s major emphasis became boxing, he also pursued his education. He went to Lake Clifton High School in Baltimore, where he juggled his academics with his budding boxing career. Although he excelled in the ring, Rahman understood the value of education and worked hard to establish a balance between his physical endeavors and his studies.


Hasim began competing professionally as a boxer in 2017. He had almost 100 amateur fights before going professional. Hasim has 13 professional matches after 5 years as a professional boxer. He has a professional record of 12 wins, 1 loss, and 6 knockouts in 13 matches. Hasim’s unbeaten streak was broken on April 29, 2022, when James McKenzie Morrison defeated him through TKO in five rounds.

Rahman Jr. is now in the spotlight as a replacement for Tommy Fury, who had planned to meet Jake Paul on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.
Tommy Fury could not face Paul because of visa concerns in the United States.

During their previous press appearance, Jake accused Hasim of being afraid of him and said that Hasim wanted to amend the conditions of their agreement.

Hasim and Jake Paul have agreed to fight at 200 pounds, 24 pounds less than Hasim’s previous weight. Rahman’s contract states that he must give up 25% of his reward for every pound over 200. On the other hand, Jake never weighed more than 191 3/4 lbs in any of his matches.

More About His Fights

On Tuesday, July 12, in New York City, Hasim, and Jake met at a news conference at Madison Square Garden. During the press conference, Hasim stated that Jake and his crew are attempting to bring him down to 200 pounds and are not allowing him to rehydrate back to being a heavyweight. Despite his weight disadvantage, he agreed to all stipulations since he believed Jake couldn’t beat him.

Rahman Jr. admired Jake Paul, whom he regarded as a true warrior. He did, however, confess that he does not think Paul is a very good boxer.

Rahman’s father, a well-known professional boxer, sat beside his son and stated that Jake is a true fighter he admires. However, Rahman Sr. stated that Jake was going too rapidly and that he chose the wrong guy at the wrong time.

In response to Rahman Sr.’s criticism that he was moving too quickly, he said he would not move too quickly for his slow-assed son, who could not strike him. Jake proceeded to speak, and towards the conclusion, he stated that the entire Rahman family heritage would be remembered on August 6.

Hasim Rahman Net Worth

As of 2023, Hasim Rahman Jr’s net worth should be approximately $1.5 million. He has amassed a sizable fortune via his amateur and professional careers. Hasim is regarded as Jake Paul’s lowest-paid opponent and did not dispute his dissatisfaction with his agreed payment for the August 6 battle.

His excellent boxing career aided Hasim Rahman’s financial prosperity. He amassed a sizable wealth through boxing winnings, endorsements, and investments—Rahman’s financial success results from his hard work and devotion to the sport.

Personal life

Hasim Rahman is a dedicated family man outside of his boxing profession. He married Crystal Rahman for years, and the couple has two children. Hasim Rahman Jr., Rahman’s son, is also a professional boxer. Rahman’s family is a great support system for him and a source of inspiration.

As a youngster, Rahman was a drug use enforcer and became famous for surviving multiple gunshots. Rahman and his family were in an automobile accident immediately after a City Hall celebration 2001. He almost died in a vehicle accident (which resulted in lifelong scars on his cheek and ear) and once survived a shooting in which five bullets pierced his body.


  1. Rahman’s victory over Lennox Lewis in 2001 has become one of the greatest upsets in heavyweight boxing history.
  2. Rahman has participated in charitable activities, donating to organizations that help those in need and providing resources for young people’s growth.
  3. He has trained with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, a renowned boxing trainer, and former professional fighter.
  4. Besides his boxing career, Rahman has dabbled in acting, appearing in the 2009 film “Just Another Day.”

Physical Characteristics

Hasim Rahman Jr. is 1.91 meters tall and 6 feet 3 inches tall. If you’re curious about Hasim Rahman Jr.’s weight, he weighs 264 pounds.


Hasim Rahman’s journey is inspiring as he comes from a challenging background to become a heavyweight boxing champion. His journey displays his persistence, determination, and courageous spirit. Despite difficulties, Rahman overcame it and earned tremendous success in the ring. Rahman remains one of the sport’s most renowned individuals, thanks to his remarkable narrative and services to the boxing field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hasim Rahman involved in a relationship?

A: Hasim Rahman is married to Crystal Simpson

Q: What is Hasim Rahman’s height?

A: He is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Q: How much money does Hasim Rahman have?

A: His net worth is between $5 million and $7 million. He earned his wealth through his successful career as a professional boxer.

Q: Why is Hasim Rahman so famous?

A: He is very popular among the audience due to his remarkable career as a boxer.

Q: Is he still alive?

A: Yes, He is still alive.