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Jonathan Wright Net Worth 2023, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Jonathan Wright Net Worth

Hairstylist Jonathan Wright, after working with several celebrities, gained fame. He gained attention by styling Megan Thee Stallion, which made the public notice him. However, a motor vehicle maintenance business filed allegations against him, which got him into legal difficulties.

Read the biography of Jonathan Wright to learn more about his background, relationships, profession, net worth, education, family, net worth, age, career, and more.

Real Name Jonathan Wright
Profession(s) Instagram Star
Birthday March 28, 1997
Zodiac Sign Aries
Age 26 years
Gender Male
Birthplace United States
Nationality American


On March 28, 1997, Jonathan Wright was born. In 2023, the hairdresser turned 26 years old. Additionally, he opted for Aries as his zodiac sign because of his birthdate. The mother and father of Jonathan Wright, who was born in the United States, remain unidentified. As several commenters on his post stated, he acquired good looks from his father. 


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Family and Education

Tyketre Coleman is his mother, and his father is unidentified. His mother attended James Madison High School and Naaman Forest High School in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Tyketre developed Tyketre’s Lucrative Conceptions after working at Notary Public.

Jonathan reportedly has three siblings in his family as well. Rae Kuttingup Hooch is his sister, while JDog Popi and Lul’ Prince After Da’Check on Facebook are his brothers.

Jonathan went to Lakeview Centennial High School for his studies. The hairdresser later enrolled at the University of Oklahoma to pursue a business degree.


Jonathan started his work as a wardrobe stylist when he was a teenager. However, when Brittany’s hairdresser postponed the BET Awards, he discovered the starting point for his career. Jonathan grabbed the chance to style her, which helped him advance his career.

He dressed many famous people, including Blac Chyna, Doja Cat, SZA, 6ixine, Kee Palmer, and Just Brittany.

After styling Megan Thee Stallion, the hairdresser gained more attention. During the pandemic, he also conducted styling workshops and organized many seminars.

In 2018, the Texas-based hair stylist made his debut in the industry.

Physical Characteristics

Speaking of Jonathan Wright’s appearance, the hairstylist is handsome and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.70 meters). At the same time, his body weight of 76 kg was largely due to his muscular build (167 lbs).

Furthermore, he has attractive physical traits to match. Many women are charmed by his adorable expression, enhanced by his dapper style.

Social Media Handles

Regarding social media presence, as of December 2021, his Instagram page had 1.5 million followers. On the other hand, he has 57,505 followers on his Facebook profile.

He has a total of 2510 followers on Twitter.

Personal Relationship

Jonathan Wright has admitted on his social media profiles that he had dated a few ladies. Tierra Jenae was the focus of his very first online relationship. He shared a photo collage of them cuddling up to one another. He appeared to kneel and put a ring on her finger in the picture. She responded to the message by calling him “bro,” which seemed a little weird. They did, however, show up a few times cuddling, which could only indicate that they were dating at the time.

Jonathan and Tierra last shared a screen in 2016. He hasn’t engaged in public relationships that have brought attention since then.

Because of this, some fans even questioned whether Jonathan Wright was gay. His sexual orientation has not, however, been confirmed. Furthermore, it is pointless to infer the hairdresser is gay until he or she verifies and outs them.

Jonathan Wright Arrested

On March 1, 2021, Jonathan Wright was arrested after being accused of not returning a rental vehicle. Dallas PD pulled him over for a driving violation, The Shade Room said. Then, his record revealed a pending theft warrant from November 2020 that had yet to be paid.

The court records also showed that the hair stylist dropped off his leased Rolls Royce at Mile High Exotic Motors for scheduled service. Jonathan was given a Maserati in exchange to use while his car was being maintained. But when he went to pick up his car from the auto repair shop, he discovered the unpaid bills.

They also told him he would only get his car back after paying them. Then Jonathan made a scene inside the store, took the keys to the Maserati, and went out.

The dealership wrote him a letter to return it before the representative went to the police. The authorities arrested him at the Dallas County Jail and set a $100,000 bond as his bail.

Jonathan Wright Net Worth

In talking about his net worth, Jonathan Wright made his first $1 million at 23. And with each day that went by, the number increased. He started from nothing and established himself in the industry in just five years. His imagination has no bounds, and he promises to make Dallas a top choice before too long. According to online resources,  Jonathan Wrights, a hair specialist, has assets worth between $ 1 million to $1.5 million. Yet he appears to have amassed a substantial fortune through a successful career.