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Will Primos – Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Will Primos Net Worth

Will Primos is well known as the president and owner of Primos Hunting. This is the best site to explore if you want to know more about him. The following article discusses his age, biography, career, net worth, family, education, height, weight, and more.


Will Primos was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on March 2, 1952. He is 71 years old. Will Primos is an American conservationist and businessman. He is well known as the president and owner of Primos Hunting. He was always interested in duck hunting when he was a child. Will later chose to make hunting his occupation. He was only 11 years old when he made a duck call.

He has guided Primos Hunting to become one of America’s best-selling hunting accessory and game call brands. Primos has been active in his career for a long time and has received numerous honors.

Field Value
Date of Birth Sunday, Mar 02, 1952
Age 71 Years
Birth Place Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Residence USA
Country United States
Profession Businessman or Airline Owner and Auto Racer
Education (To be updated)
Father (To be updated)
Mother (To be updated)
Nationality American
Siblings (To be updated)
Brother (To be updated)
Religion Christianity
Spouse Mary
Horoscope Pisces
Weight 75 kg
Height 5′ 7 Feet
Net Worth $10 million USD
Category Business People & Entrepreneurs


Will Primos joined his family’s business, Primos Northgate, after graduating from Belhaven College. He worked as a manager in the kitchen and banquet department. Soon after, he had the opportunity to meet Eleanor Roessler, the owner of a local turkey hunting camp. She demonstrated to Primos how to create duck calls with his hands and mouth. He then continued to practice the call.

In 1976, he started Hunt and Whittaker, a sporting goods store. It was a tremendous success, and Primos now known as a more fabulous businessman. He started getting consumers from Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and other regions. Primos expanded his collection and created new items to meet the demand. He then made instructional audiotapes of hunts in 1983.

He planned to start his own business and quit the family business in 1988. Starting his own business was wise because he soon discovered a means to build his firm. Primos had great success after starting his own company. Primos listed his farm for sale in 2012. However, The farm in the Mississippi Delta covers around 2863 acres.

The company’s earnings grew to millions of dollars, and it was later renamed Primos Yelpers. Primos Hunting Calls changed their name once more. Primos Hunting is a Vista outdoor band that creates calls for elk, waterfowl, deer, and turkey. It also includes blinds, clothing, vitamins, and shooting gear. There are even DVDs available to teach you how to hunt.

Family and Education

His parents are Mary Anne and Kenneth Primos. Don and Houston Primos are brothers.

Primos used to go hunting throughout high school and college. After graduating high school, he attended Belhaven College, earning a biology and business degree in 1974.

Moreover, Will Primos and Mary have been married for many years. On the other hand, Will has never revealed much about his family life. He has always had a strong desire to hunt and has devoted his life to Primos Hunting. Primos Hunting became famous in the United States thanks to his ongoing hard work and dedication.

Awards and Achievements

In 2017, the Mississippi Outdoor Hall of Fame inducted Will Primos, a longtime participant in this sector. The Mississippi Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Parks honored him with the Conservation Award in 2021. The award was in honor of his efforts to raise conservation awareness.

Will Primos’ Net Worth

Moreover, his net worth is estimated at around $10 million USD  as of 2023. However, he must have made millions because he owns Primos Hunting, America’s leading hunting accessory brand. He has been in the industry for a long time and employed many people.

As the president and owner of Primos Hunting, he has achieved remarkable success in his career. His net worth is estimated to exceed several million dollars. His entrepreneur, television personality, and industry leader accomplishments significantly contributed to his financial success.

Social Media Accounts

He is actively engaged on various social media platforms, sharing his hunting adventures, insights, and product updates. You can follow him on:

1. Youtube: @PrimosWill

2. Facebook: @PrimosHunting

Facts about Will Primos

1. He was born on November 16, 1952, in Jackson, Mississippi, and grew up with a strong interest in the outdoors.

2. In the early 1980s, he started Primos Hunting to develop novel hunting goods and improve the whole hunting experience.

3. Primos Hunting sprang to prominence by launching their unique “The Original Can” deer call, a game changer in the hunting business.

4. He is a competent hunter, outdoor enthusiast, and successful businessman. His experience and expertise have made him a sought-after lecturer and mentor.

5. He has been featured on various television shows, sharing his hunting experiences and providing significant insights on hunting strategies and equipment.

Physical Characteristics

Will Primos possess a commanding presence both on and off the hunting field? Here are some notable physical characteristics:

1. Height: Will stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall (188 cm).

2. Build: He is strong and athletic, a testament to his active outdoor lifestyle.

3. Hair: Will Primos has salt-and-pepper hair, adding to his striking appearance.

4. Eye Color: He has captivating hazel eyes that reflect his passion for the wilderness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Will Primos

1. What is the primary goal of Primos Hunting?

   Primos Hunting aims to develop innovative hunting products that enhance the hunting experience for enthusiasts.

2. Has he written any books?

   Yes, Will Primos co-authored the book “The Truth About Hunting,” which shares his hunting experiences, tips, and insights.

3. Can fans meet him in person?

   Will Primos often attend hunting expos, trade shows, and events, offering opportunities for fans to meet him? Keep an eye on Primos Hunting’s social media accounts for updates on his appearances.

4. Will Primos actively participate in hunting?

   Absolutely! Will Primos is an avid hunter and spends considerable time in the field, putting his products to the test and enjoying the great outdoors.


Will Primos’ accomplishments as the president and owner of Primo Hunting have an everlasting effect on the hunting and outdoor communities. With his inventive inventions, love of the outdoors, and vast expertise, he has become an inspiration to hunters all over the world. He continue inspiring and engaging hunting fans worldwide with his social media presence, personal presence, and substantial net worth? His devotion to the sport, commitment to innovation, and eagerness to share his expertise make him a powerful figure in the hunting business, deserving of the highest respect and appreciation.