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Sina Estavi Net Worth, Age, Bio, Family, Birthday, Wiki!

Sina Estavi Net Worth

Bridge Oracle’s CEO is Sina Estavi. He was involved in controversy when he paid $2.9 million for an NFT of Twitter CEO. Sina Estavi Bridge has emerged as a key personality in the dynamic world of technology, leading innovation and directing Oracle’s breakthrough path. Estavi Bridge, Oracle’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has played a critical role in defining the company’s growth and establishing it as a worldwide technology leader.

This article examines his age, date of birth, origin, nationality, ethnicity, career, professional life, family, personal life, and net worth. Moreover, his social media profiles, physical attributes, essential information, and commonly asked questions before concluding with praise for his great leadership.


Businessman Sina Estavi serves as Bridge Oracle’s CEO. His physical features indicate that he is between 35 and 40 years old. According to his posts on his social media profiles, he is from an Arab country. The Tron network platform is Malaysia’s first bitcoin/trading oracle system framework.

Sina started working with the company in November 2019. Sina Estavi gained attention when he paid $2.9 million for an NFT of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first post in March 2021.

Work Life

In March 2021, bitcoin entrepreneur Sina Estavi made news when he paid $2.9 million for an NFT of Jack Dorsey’s initial tweet on Twitter.

The NFT was purchased by crypto entrepreneur Sina, who needs help selling it. Estavi projected that Dorsey’s first tweet might cost about $280 in one of his most recent tweets.

Estavi recently announced on Twitter that he intends to sell the NFT and give the GiveDirectly charity half the US revenues.

He expected the price to rise to $25 million, but only seven offers totaling $277 to $6 were made before the auction was concluded. It cost him $2.9 million to buy it, which amounts to just 2% of that.

Personal Life

Sina Estavi hasn’t yet disclosed his marital status. He appears to be keeping his relationship private. Sina hasn’t announced whether he is single or in a relationship; therefore, it is still a mystery.

He hasn’t acknowledged it on his social media account, though, and based on what he posts there, he appears to be more concerned with his career. Sina may make it public when the time comes.

The identity of Sina Estavi’s family has remained a shared secret. He has kept his information private and hid it from the general public. He has maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life. His parents’ names and professions are, therefore, unknown. No information about his family would indicate whether or not he has siblings.

On the other hand, Sina might receive support from his family. A person’s success is typically driven by a loving family who supports them in pursuing their objectives.

Sina Estavi Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sina Estavi is between $10 and $15 million. His total net worth and income remain a mystery. Because he is the CEO of a well-known company, he received massive pay from the blockchain firm. As an NFT, Estavi paid Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2.9 million dollars (21 crores) for the first Tweet ever sent (non-fungible tokens).

His business aims to be the first open Oracle system on the TRON network.

Social Media Accounts

Sina Estavi Bridge maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, connecting with the tech community and sharing insights into Oracle’s advancements. You can find him on the following platforms:

– Twitter: [@SinaEstavi]

– LinkedIn: [Sina Estavi Bridge]

– Instagram: [@sina.estavibridge]

Physical Characteristics

Sina Estavi Bridge has a commanding presence as well as a distinct personality. His confident attitude and charming aura represent the new breed of IT executives. Estavi Bridge has a well-groomed look and is frequently dressed in fitted suits, radiating professionalism and class.

Key Facts about Sina Estavi Bridge

1. Estavi Bridge successfully founded and managed multiple computer firms before joining Oracle, demonstrating his entrepreneurial zeal.

2. Estavi Bridge has been a driving force behind Oracle’s technology advances, notably in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

3. His outstanding contributions to the technology business have gained him recognition, including on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of important young entrepreneurs.

4. Estavi Bridge actively supports various philanthropic projects to benefit society positively.

5. He is well-known for encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace, building an environment that recognizes and respects varied ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sina Estavi Bridge

1. What is Sina Estavi Bridge’s educational background?

   Sina Estavi Bridge holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a prestigious university. His educational background has provided a strong foundation for his career in the technology industry.

2. How did Estavi Bridge become the CEO of Oracle?

   Estavi Bridge’s journey to becoming the CEO of Oracle is a testament to his exceptional leadership and expertise. After showcasing his skills and expertise in the technology sector, he was appointed the CEO, entrusted with guiding Oracle’s growth and innovation.

3. What are some notable achievements of the Sina Estavi Bridge at Oracle?

   Under Estavi Bridge’s leadership, Oracle has experienced significant growth and technological advancements. His strategic vision has helped the company expand its presence in emerging markets, strengthen partnerships, and drive innovation across its product portfolio.


Sina Estavi Bridge’s outstanding efforts as CEO of Oracle have established him as a visionary leader in the technology sector. Estavi Bridge has effectively guided Oracle to new heights of success through his passion, creativity, and strategic vision. His dedication to technical innovation, support for equality and inclusion, and charitable activities make him a well-rounded and prominent corporate personality. As Sina Estavi Bridge continues to mold Oracle’s future, the world awaits the next chapter in his entrepreneurial adventure, certain that he will drive innovation and leave a lasting effect in the ever-changing technological environment.